Happy Birthday {A poem for best friend}

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Happy Birthday {A poem for my best friend}

Tomorrow is a very special day.

Because tomorrow is your birthday.

On this day some odd years ago.

God gave you to the world, and your mothers joy just flowed.

I didn't meet you right away.

But when I did we both had a lot to say.

We are good friends we just fit.

Because we are so different.

I grew up to fast.

And I never learned how to make the good times last.

But you changed all that.

Because you brought the fun back.

You make me laugh and sing.

Its true friendship you bring.

You are one of a kind.

And truly special on the inside.

I love to see the world thru your eyes.

And you love your butterflies.

Thank you my friend for being you.

And for everything you do.

So it is time to celebrate.

And time to thank fate.

For the seventeenth of April is your special day.

We all love you girl and wanted to say.


A/N This is dedicated to flutterbyluvr one of my best friends. Love you girl have fun tommorrow.

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