Chapter 6

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Narrators Pov

The next day past really fast for Y/N and she was thankful.She didn't know why but she couldn't take off of her mind that cat.When she was eating she thought of him,when she realized that she ate the food of the cafeteria she thought of him,when she looked at the wall next to her and saw that there was a vending machine she thought of him,when she felt awful after eating the food from the cafeteria she thought of him,when she puked in a can while Alya was rubbing her back,wow,what a surprise,she thought of him.She just had him stuck in her thoughts like he was glued in the there.

Your Pov

"Girl.You should never eat from the cafeteria!Why do you think that they put a vending machine?!?!"Alya asked a little shocked.I was still trying to take a hold of my vision while answering her.

"I-I never thought of that.I guess that's the reason why I was the only one buying food from there.And why every student looked at me shocked.Really really shocked."I told her getting kind of dizzy.

She gave me a pat on my back and nodded to me."Girl don't worry about it.The effects of the food will be finished until tomorrow,so don't sweat it"She told me and we headed towards the table were our other three friends were.

"Dude what happened to Y/N"Nino asked slightly worried looking at my nauseous self.

"She just ate some cafeteria food.No one told her that the food is disgusting"Alya told everyone and they all nodded.

They scooted a little further so me and Alya could take a seat next to them."Hey if you want to you could have a biscuit or two from my food.If you want."Adrien offered kindly.

"Oh thanks"I gladly took one and took a bite.Suddenly my tongue felt like it was burning and I quickly got out my water bottle.I drank all of and I was still burning.Everyone looked at me really surprised and I looked at Adrien.

"Ehhhhh what are the ingredients inside the cookie?"I ask as I felt my tongue start to get puffy.

"Well it has butter,wheat,sugar,chocolate,milk,a little honey and a tiny tint of blueberry.Why?"Adrien asked as he looked up to me.My face then went blank and I stared at him.

"D-did you say blueberry?"I asked shocked.He nodded and I freaked out."I-I'm allergic t-to i-ith"My face flushed red and my tongue was puffy.From now on I wouldn't be able to talk for at least 12 hours.

Everyone's faces went blank to.They looked panicked."O-ok ehhhhhh what do we do so you can be normal again?"Marinette asked looking worried.

"Weth can'th doth anythingth.I needth toth waith forth ath leasth 12th hoursth"I said but I didn't think that they understood.

"So we can't do anything?"Nino asked and I shook my head.I looked at Adrien to see him staring down.

"I'm so sorry Y/N.It's all my fault"Adrien said,his voice filled with sadness.

"Adrienth it'sth noth yourth faulth.Youth didn'th knowth"I told him and he looked at me and I shot him a bright smile.He smiled back and the bell rang.

"Wellth I willth haveth toth goth toth theth nurseth toth seeth ifth sheth canth doth anythingth.Ifth sheth can'th thenth I'llth goth hometh andth I'llth seeth youth tomorrowth"I told them and they all nodded.They all told me goodbye in synth and they headed towards class.

I hopped towards the nurses office and as I suspected she couldn't do anything so I headed home.Once I reached it I explained everything to my parents and my mom called my doctor.She then told me that I had to stay quiet for at least 12 hours or this could last for weeks.

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