Chapter 14: Follow the Screams

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Talos hovered towards one of the pillars, scouting the area before calling out to the others.

"Jaeger is right; these are annihilation totems. Bad news if we don't take care of them quickly."

"And how do we do that?" Zero asked him.

"There should be a pressure plate underneath each one." Talos replied. "Standing on them should shut them down long enough for us to find a way to get through the room."

"I'll take this one, then." Zero nodded, taking to the left side of the room to find the pressure plate.

"And I'll take the one on the other side." Talos said, turning to Alpha and Jaeger. "You two should scope the area, see how we can get to the other platform over there."

The two Hunters nodded as they began to explore the room, though they stumbled across a third pressure plate less than a minute into their search.

"I guess that's it." Alpha stated, giving it a small kick.

"Let's wait for these two to finish before we start messing with anything." Jaeger suggested.

Within a few minutes, the Titans met back up with them, eyeing the platform decisively.

"Well, now or never." Zero sighed, stepping onto the plate.

As the bridge began to take form before them, the room came to life with Hive enemies spawning all throughout. Weapons were drawn as the room quickly turned into a battlefield.

"Ghost, change my subclass again." Zero barked, firing his machine gun furiously into oncoming Hive Knights.

"You'll exhaust yourself if you continue switching your subclass too often. And you won't look very pretty when you're dead." The Ghost remarked with its usual snarky attitude as it performed the task it was told.

Zero felt as Void energy took the place his Arc energy, taking a bit of his vigor with it. He shook it off, quickly summoning his Ward of Dawn.

"Thanks, Zero." Alpha nodded gratefully, taking cover within the bubble.

"The bridge is nearly complete." Talos informed. "Once it fully takes form, we need to make a run for it before it dissipates again."

The protective bubble gave out rather quickly this time around, leaving the team exposed to attacks as they waited the last few seconds for the bridge to take form.


Taking off at full sprint, the four Guardians raced against the bridge as it quickly began to disintegrate into the Darkness. Jaeger and Alpha made it across first, with Talos trailing closely behind and Zero barely keeping up with him. Feeling the bridge about to give out beneath his feet, he made a desperate leap towards the edge of the platform, just managing to hover over to safety.

"Let us know if you need to take a break." Jaeger suggested indifferently.

"Yeah, you look beat Zero." Alpha noted sympathetically.

"I'm fine." Zero replied firmly, despite his light pant. "Let's keep moving."

"If he says he's fine, then let's get going." Talos said, taking a look around. "We should be reaching the end soon. Not much longer now."


The rest of the way down was tedious if anything. The fireteam quickly grew annoyed by Crota's preference for pressure plate puzzles.

The Stills seemed to grow more depressive the deeper they went, and it wore visibly on their morale. But in addition to that, they began to hear screaming.

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