Chapter 14: Follow the Screams

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"That's right."

"Jaeger, Ling and I are all Nightstalkers!" He announced proudly, wrapping an arm around Jaeger.

"Where's the strategy in that?" Zero chimed in, raising an eyebrow at the two.

"When the three of us combine our Shadowshot, the result is much more powerful than you can imagine." Jaeger explained. "It is incredibly useful, especially for Li Ling."

"Yeah, she's scared to death of the Darkness." Alpha sighed, looking around the area. "I bet she'd hate it in here."

The four remained silent as they made their way through the stills, the Darkness surrounding them weighing heavily on their shoulders, as if they were each carrying large stones on their backs.

They were incredibly grateful for the brief moments of reprieve provided to them by the light pillars scarcely spread throughout the Stills. Promising to lift the weight of the Darkness from them, they managed to provide them temporary refuge from the hundreds of Thrall that looked to purge the area of any Light.

Zero held a bitter place in his heart for the Thrall. Remembering the first time he found himself at their mercy, he often lingered close to the light pillars longer than the others did. Death was not an experience he was willing to repeat, especially by their hand.

They were not surprisingly hard to push through, however. If any managed to get too close for comfort, the group had no qualms resorting to melee attacks or grenades in order to preserve their ammo. The light pillars kept them at bay. As long as they followed those, they would be safe.

They eventually reached another bridge, that needed to be triggered similarly to the one at the rim of the Hellmouth. They knew the routine: stand in the circle until the bridge was fully formed. But there was always the catch with simple tasks like these.

A loud roar was heard not far behind them. As they looked back, they found several Knights accompanied by an Ogre rushing towards them.

"You guys go and take care of them." Alpha ordered, taking out his sniper rifle. "I'll get the bridge working so we can get out of here as soon as it's formed."

The three nodded, each taking out their weapons as they rushed towards the Hive beasts. Talos quickly equipped his rocket launcher, taking out two Knights before falling back to reload.

Zero had his subclass changed before rushing towards the Ogre with his Fists of Havoc. The Ogre recoiled backwards, taking substantial damage before Jaeger finished it off with his sniper rifle.

Three more Ogres appeared, surrounding them as one began to charge its energy beam. Zero and Jaeger leaped for cover behind a large stone as Talos fired at it with his rocket launcher, leaving it momentarily stunned.

"Guys, the bridge is done!" Alpha called out to them. "C'mon, we don't have to stick around with these guys!"

The three nodded towards each other, making a full sprint towards the bridge as Alpha tried to keep the Ogres at a distance with his sniper rifle. The light at the end of the bridge seemed to grow brighter with every step, blinding the Guardians as they hurried to get through.

For a moment, peaceful, quiet bliss.

The four awakened in a new area, divided by two large platforms. The weight of darkness seemed to have been lifted, as their bodies felt much lighter than before and they could move around more easily.

"Finally, a break." Alpha sighed in relief, putting his weapon away to stretch his body.

"Let's not get to comfortable." Jaeger warned, pointing at the two pillars floating menacingly above them. "I don't think those are just sitting there to decorate the room."

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