Chapter 14: Follow the Screams

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Third Person's POV

The dark below was cruel and unforgiving. With its unholy sword, it vowed to snuff out the Light, leaving nothing in its wake. Only one has managed to survive its tyranny, though not unscathed. By the time of her eventual escape from the Hellmouth, her Light had been severed; distorted, and her connection to the Traveler was lost forever.

The light above was misguided and corrupt. In all the centuries of the City's history, its great work has never changed: to heal the Traveler, and raise their crippled protector from its slumber. But as nearly a millennia had passed and no progress was made, desperation began to arise throughout the last city.

Guardians began to separate into different factions, each with their own contrasting ideals, clashing with each other on several occasions. Even the Speaker began to develop his own new ideals in attempt to heal the Traveler.

Eight hundred years after the Collapse, and the Guardians have not been able to diminish the Darkness that threatened the Traveler.

But perhaps the Darkness itself could serve a purpose in diminishing the Light from the Guardians, and returning it to the Traveler.


With the help of Eris Morn, Zero now had a much clearer idea as to where to find his sister, or at least some sort of clue that could lead him to her.

He kept up his side of the bargain with Alpha, making sure to tell him and Jaeger about the Hellmouth hidden within the Temple of Crota. Talos was also up for the task, and the four of them made their way once again to the Ocean of Storms, where the Hive Prince would await them.

"I didn't think these guys would be working with even Crota." Alpha remarked in awe. "Right under our noses, too huh?"

"That ends today." Talos sneered, looking over to Zero who was steering the ship. "We'll make sure of it."

The Awoken chose to stay quiet, not willing to underestimate the beast they were about to go up against. While he had the utmost confidence in their team's ability to take it down, he couldn't help the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

They landed the ship and began their descent through the temple, until arriving at the bridge that would lead them into the Hellmouth.

"Do we just jump down here?" Alpha asked, peering into pitch black pit before them.

"There's nowhere else to go." Talos shrugged. "Who wants to go first?"

Zero hopped into the pit before he could give himself a chance to think about it. They were too far to start having second thoughts now.

The other three watched him for a moment before following suit, one at a time. They each fell at a blinding speed, seemingly no end in sight as the atmosphere began to distort around them.

Zero landed first, bending his knees to roll forward as to not absorb the full impact of the fall. The rest managed to mimic his technique, rolling forward quickly before one of them could break an ankle.

"This is the right place." Jaeger affirmed, taking a look around. "I recognize this stench. The underground lab bore the same one."

"That's settled, then." Zero pointed towards an entrance not far from them. "Looks like our only way through is in there."

"It's pitch black in there." Alpha shuddered. "How are we gonna see anything?"

Talos quickly summoned a Hammer of Sol, holding it in front of him to work as a torch. "Lets get moving."

"Talos, you're a Sun Breaker?" Alpha asked the Titan in awe. "You kept training with the Vanguard!"

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