VIII - Home

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I had held Kelsea through her breakdown that night, just now understanding how much it had changed her. She wasn't one to breakdown, even when shit hit the fan.

After she had calmed down, visitors were allowed in. She didn't say much, but I could tell she didn't have much to say, and even the slightest bit of effort was exhausting her.

After the table had come in, Bones, Mike, and Lucious, the Pres of LLOK, came in. They expressed their apologies and went out of their way to get her anything she wanted or needed.

Bones, however, didn't have much to say to her at all, and it upset her. I didn't tell her anything about what went down at the clubhouse. She didn't need that on her mind, either.

Once visiting hours were over, aside the exception for me and her father, she was sleeping again. She needed all that she could get right now.

I looked at the list again with a new sense of boiling anger. Each one of them I would hunt down personally and put a bullet in their skulls.

The bed creaked as Kelsea stirred, her tired eyes opening, but she didn't say anything.

"You okay?" I asked her quietly.

"Can't sleep.." She whispered, rubbing her eyes. I got up off the sofa and kicked off my boots, going over to the empty half of her bed, and broke all regulations. I gently wrapped my arms around her, holding her against my chest. I felt her settle, but not sleep. "Nothing is going to be the same..."

"No, it's not... But the way I feel about you will always stay the same." I heard her sniffle. "You're safe now, Kelsea. You don't worry about anything besides recovering right now." I kissed her temple before laying my head beside hers. She needed a sponge bath desperately, but they wanted to wait until tomorrow to do so. Nine weeks of being held in a musty basement like room covered in blood and dirt wasn't anything anyone should ever go through.

As soon as I could tell she was asleep, I soon joined her. I hadn't gotten much sleep in the past nine weeks, or the two days she's been here. Maybe an hour here and there, but other than that.. I'd been searching day and night for her.

I was only glad to have her back in my arms alive, back to safety.


Morning was a bit better. She was eating solid foods, slowly, but she was eating. The nine weeks took a toll on her body, a miracle the baby inside her was even alive after all that she went through. She was thinner than she needed to be and it bothered me immensely.

After she ate breakfast, a nurse and I teamed up to tackle the grime on her body. She got Kelsea in the bathroom to clean off her body, then got her back in bed, laying her head at the foot of the bed instead so she could lay down while I washed her hair. God knows what was crawling around that room, so the nurse decided to give her a lice treatment, just as a precaution.

After she was all cleaned up, she looked a lot better. She told me she felt a bit better after being cleaned up. Amazing how warm water and soap can make such a difference.

"Christian?" She asked for me quietly.


"When can I go home?" I rubbed her hand.

"Probably tonight, Princess. If not, tomorrow morning."

"I just want to sleep in my own bed." I smiled gently at her, happy that she was eager to go home. Nobody likes hospitals.

"Let me go check with the nurse, see what time they have you set for Discharge." I got up, finding her doctor at the station, looking at a chart. "Hey, doc." He looked my way. "Any idea when she's going to be released?"

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