I'm a 17 year old girl...And someones out to get me...Chapter 1

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It started out like any other day. I got up, took a shower and went downstairs. My mom and dad were sitting at the kitchen table eating while my cousins were getting ready for school.

Weird, I thought. I hardly ever saw my whole family in one room. Not after what happened to me...

My cousin's parents died when they were really young. So my mom and dad took them in and raised them. To me there were more like older brothers then my cousins. And boy did they treat me like I was their little sister. They freak out for every little thing, especially when it comes to boys.

As I was getting ready for school Aaron walked over and tussled my hair.

"Hey sport" he said with smile.

I glared at him.

He is so stupid he's only one year older than me but he still acts like a little kid at times. I rolled my eyes and looked at him.

He had baby blue eyes, tanned brown skin with dark brown hair. The girls in my school go crazy for him it's so annoying. Not that I'm jealous or anything, that's just completely disgusting! BUT IT'S MY COUSIN! It's SO weird when you're walking in the hallways and all you hear are the girls talking about him. Not only that but they are saying very dirty things, things that I don't want to hear. Things like what they want to do to him in bed...

Then came Chase, my other cousin. Chase was in first year uni. He was supposed to be heading back to university today; he had come home for the weekend to visit. Chase had sandy blond hair, tanned skin and had bright green eyes. And let me tell you girls went crazy for him too.

Boy is it getting tired having two apparently hot guy cousins and who, by the way, scared almost all the guys in my grade. They spread rumors saying that they will hurt anyone who hurts me!

Yippee amazing life right? Lord help me. I sighed and got ready for school. Aaron usually drives me, but today his totally bitch of a girlfriend wanted him to pick her up. I knew she did it on purpose. She really hates me for some reason, but its okay I feel the same way. I don't know what the hell he sees in her she is such a hoe! Well whatever not like they are going to listen to me. I apparently I can only date guys they approve of but they can date whatever girl they want even if I hate her. Some logic right?

When I was leaving I heard my mom call me

"Leighton (Lay-tin) sweetie! Your father and I are going out tonight. So we won't be home till after dinner. We are leaving some money for you and Aaron to buy yourselves something to eat" my mom called.

"Alright! Will do, love you" I yelled back while I was running out of the house.

It was a beautiful summer day, I was wearing my short black shorts with a tight white tank and some black ballet flats. Just as I left the house, I heard a noise I look to the side. It was Aaron.

"Naahh uhh" he said

"What?" I asked

He looked me up and down and started shaking his head.

"You are NOT going to go to school wearing that! Are you?!" he somewhat yelled and ordered at me.

"HA! You're so funny! You're not my dad! OKAY! Just watch me walk around school, shaking my ass! You can't stop me" I stuck out my tongue and walked away

"You're lucky I'm not" he called after me kind of furious.

I started laughing to myself. Typical Aaron, playing the dad role with me. I feel bad for his daughter if he ever has one.

When I got to school I went and looked in the mirror at myself. I had medium blonde hair with black at the bottom and crazy layers. Another unique thing about me was that I had grey eyes. I smiled to myself I couldn't help; it felt nice to finally be able to be myself after all that's happened. I walked out of the bathroom and into class. That's where I saw him smiling and looking like his incredible self. Max.

Damn he is so fine it wish he was all mine, but he's not. He belongs to that bitch of a girl named Natasha. God I hate her being two of the most popular girls never mix. I thought.

I went and sat down and the rest of the day went by pretty fast. There was a new kid in school today and I saw him watching me I couldn't help myself. I started laughing.

"1...2...3..." I said out loud.

He looked at me funny at that exact moment Aaron walked over to him put his hand over his shoulder and smiled.

"Hey buddy" he said with ice in his voice

I could see the poor guy getting scared. I sighed why me it looks like I'll never get a boyfriend at the rate not with Aaron around. Just then Aaron turned around and shot me a smile. I glared at him.

I'm going to kill him when he comes home tonight. I thought

Well at least it's better than having him and Chase around. Boy was that torture. Guys were even scared to come near me back then.

I walked home and sat on the sofa. Oh right my parents aren't home.

I walked over to the counter and ordered pizza. I finished my homework and ate. I looked at the time, 9:30pm. I sat down and started watching TV. It was 11:00 when Aaron got home. Probably took his girlfriend out. I looked over at him and shook my head. How did I know? He had red lipstick all over his mouth and neck!

Ew gross, I thought when I looked at him and then said.

"Looks like someone had fun tonight"

He looked at me confused then stared at him self in the mirror.

"Aw shit" he said

I burst out laughing and he glared at me

"They aren't home yet?" he asked

"Nope" I replied

Then the phone rang and it was my mom. She said they were going to be late and not to wait up. I told Aaron and we both went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs still no mom and dad.

It's been 4 days where are they I thought. I know they usually leave on random business trips but they always used to call.

When I got home from school I sat down. Tomorrow was my birthday and I knew no matter what they'll call me.

It was 11:59 and Aaron was staying up with me. As soon as it turned 12 he ran into the kitchen grabbed a cupcake with a candle and came over to me.

He screamed "Happy birthday!"

I just smiled and hugged him at that very moment the phone rang. I could hear my heart beat speed up as I ran for the phone.

I grabbed it and said "Mom?!"

But it wasn't my mom on the other end it was someone else...someone I never thought was ever going to call again.

The life I thought was finally getting better was going to get a whole lot worse.

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