Chapter 17 - Out to Get Who?

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Draco felt pain shoot up his own arm, even though it was Harry that was in contact with the shield. He grabbed for Harry, lending his strength as directly as he could. It wasn't agonising. Unfortunately they were both all too aware what that felt like, but it was painful. Harry's eyes were watering as he tried to grip the globe of magic and only Draco's Malfoy pride was keeping him from the same fate.

Harry was the only person who could treat magic like a physical thing. The forces Harry employed were like nothing any normal wizard could do and they always took Draco's breath away. Watching Harry work was a marvel, even if it hurt.

Once Harry got a proper grip on the globe, that was it. The magic popped out in Harry's hand and the shield dissolved into a thousand harmless sparks, including the part Harry was holding. It was quite pretty really, but Draco was more concerned with something he had just realised.

[That's it,] he decided, [we're going to see Dumbledore, now.]

[Why?] Harry asked.

[Because this is about you,] he said. [Once could have been luck, twice because someone was trying to scare the seventh years, but three times, this is definitely about you.]

[But none of the attacks have been against me,] Harry pointed out.

[I know,] Draco admitted, he hadn't worked that bit out yet; then it hit him like a lightning bolt, [but they were all things you could deal with. Merlin's balls, someone is testing you.]


[On the Quidditch pitch you sensed the magical change and fixed it with your unique insight; in Offensive Spells you controlled the magic like no one else could; here you picked the lock of the magic and you were the only one who could see it had a lock in the first place.]

Draco began mentally kicking himself; why hadn't he seen it earlier.

[So this is about me? Again?]

[Love,] Draco replied, [until Voldemort is dead it's always going to be about you and, once the bastard is, I will take great pleasure in making sure it never has to be all about you again.]

They left a confused Remus and an astounded looking Periculum in their wake as Draco dragged Harry out of the room, straight towards the headmaster's office.

* * *

"Sorry to call unannounced," Draco said as Harry let himself be led into Dumbledore's office.

"Always a pleasure, Gentlemen," the headmaster replied, coming out from behind his desk. "What may I do for you today?"

"There's been another one," Harry said.

"Someone sabotaged our shielding class," Draco said. "They set a boobytrap that added to a shield to make it solid and then cause it to shrink."

"That is very advanced magic," Dumbledore said, expression turning serious.

"And it conveniently had a single weakness," Draco went on and Harry just let him.

He could feel his soulmate's mind churning.

"One only Harry could see, one that would have taken anyone else far too long to find," Draco continued.

The way Dumbledore looked at him then, Harry knew the headmaster was following Draco's train of thought.

"Oh, My Dear Boy," Dumbledore said with a shake of his head, "I am so sorry."

"So you agree," Draco said, "this is targeted at Harry?"

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