My Father is Batman

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Bruce's POV

 As I was working in the lab I heard a loud knock door,Alfred will get it I thought paying no attention to it at first.Then I heard another loud knock,but this time it was at the bat cave entrance.

 "Master Bruce"Alfred says from the top of the stairs 

Yes Alfred what is it?

  "You seem to have a baby her for you"Alfred said

I ran up the stairs to see what Alfred was talking about, slightly intrigued  and slightly scared,but as I neared the top of the stairs I felt the cold tension run down my spine i have a baby to take care of now.

 "will you be keeping the baby girl"Alfred asked looking at me with a glint of hope in his eyes.

 I had to think,but really the choice was clear either give you a good life or send you to an orphanage.

 " Yes Alfred bring Y/n Wayne upstairs I'll be very soon" I say returning downstairs to buy baby clothes and other needed necessities.

"Y/n...humph... he could of done better"Alfred said bringing you upstairs to the smallest bedroom in the house your room and the first bedroom being used for such a long while.You symbolized the beginning of a new era,the Y/n era.

 "Not another one "Dick said coming down the steps

"What did you expect he brings home another one every other Thursday"Todd says following him.

 "Guys cut him some slack at least this time it wasn't a bomb at our door"Tim says trailing the other two

"Father how do you expect us to live with such a disgusting thing"Damian says 

"Well you'll all have to put up with it,because...I need your help".


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