He Finds Out You're Ticklish

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Liam: You stare boredly at the twitcam screen, leaning on Liam's shoulder. You'd both decided to do a twitcam, but it wasn't much fun, you were both too tired to think of anything exciting to do. "That's a good question, @lickmeliamandlo," Liam says to the camera in his best announcer voice. "What's a good question?" you ask curiously. As an answer, Liam reaches over and starts tickling your abdomen, sending you into a fit of laughter. He lets out a laugh and stops, kissing your cheek. "The answer is yes, she's ticklish." You smile and elbow him gently, rolling your eyes. "You're a butt," you tell him, composing yourself. "I know, but now every time you're sad I'll just tickle you and then you'll laugh and be happy and laughing. So basically, I found the key to your smile." You practically 'Awww' over how adorably sweet that is, but you decide to kiss him instead. You pull away after a few moments and his cheeks are adorably red. "Sorry for the PDA, Mr.Payne, but that was so cute I couldn't help myself," you whisper with a wink. 

Niall: "Okay, my turn...confession..." Niall ponders for a moment, lying next to you on the grass, the two of you looking up at the stars. For the past two hours you two had been taking turns confessing things, mostly little things, but it was nice all the same. "Confession: my brother used to dress me up like a girl and call me Nilla." You let out a laugh and he looks over at you with a smile, shaking his head. Your turn. "Confession...my sides are really ticklish," you say simply. "That true?" he smiles, reaching over and tickling your side. You squeal and twist away, letting out a laugh. "It is true!" He leans over you and starts tickling your sides, causing you to squeal with laughter. "Ni! Stop! Stop!" you choke, laughing uncontrollably. "All right," he laughs, still hovering above you. "You owe me a kiss for abusing my ticklishness," you mumbles,raising an eyebrow. "Done," he smiles, leaning in and giving you a quick peck. "Now, it's your turn for a confession, Niall." 

Louis: "I have a question for all of you guys and (Y/N)," a fan says shyly, the host holding a microphone up to her. Louis smiles at you and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you close. "Are any of you guys ticklish?" The boys all look at each other and then you. "Niall's very ticklish," Liam says, tickling the blonde and sending him into a fit of laughter. "Zayn's not, Harry's toes are ticklish, Louis' not ticklish and Liam's elbows are ticklish," Niall grins, shooting Liam a mischievous look. "I'm not sure if (Y/N) is. Let's find out!" Louis chirps, reaching over and tickling your stomach. "Ah! Ah! Stop!" you laugh, spazzing out. "Well, looks like she is," he muses. Harry starts tickling you from the other side, and soon all the boys have joined what is now a tickle war, which is certainly childish, but certainly fun! 

Zayn: You lie with your head on a pillow and your feet on Zayn's lap, watching the movie sleepily. "This movie sucks," Zayn blurts out, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. "It does," you admit. You two go back to watching the movie, when suddenly you feel him tickling your feet. You quickly twitch, moving your feet away from him and he laughs. "Zayn! Stop, I'm ticklish in my toes," you admonish, biting back a smile. "Are you?" he reaches over and tickles your toes once more, causing you to kick at him playfully. "This is like tickle molestation of the toes!" you exclaim dramatically, laughing uncontrollably as he tickles you. "This is more fun than the movie," he sighs, pulling you onto his lap and kissing your nose. "Agreed. But no more tickling my toes," you smirk, leaning on his shoulder. 

Harry: "Harry, are you ticklish?" you ask suddenly, the two of you lying poolside in the summer heat. He looks over at you, a bit curious why you're asking and shrugs. "Maybe," he replies, with his grin that implies he's totally ticklish. You sit on the edge of his beach chair and slide your sunglasses on top of your head. "Are you ticklish?" he asks, sitting up. "Maybe," you parrot, shooting him a cheeky grin. As if on cue, the two of you reach out and start tickling each other, both of you in hysterics. "Harry-I cant-breathe," you choke, through peals of laughter. "Neither-can-I," he laughs, stopping and shaking his head. "Well, that was fun. I love an extra opportunity to touch your abs," you comment cheekily, sliding your sunglasses back over your eyes. "Well, aren't you being flirty today?" he replies, pulling you onto his lap and kissing your neck.

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