Chapter Five

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The class was a great one. We were done by nine, for breakfast.
Students packed their things and began leaving class.

I picked my laptop and books and arranged them into my old bag. The so called Lucas stood up to leave but then stopped and looked down at me. I looked up at him.

"Any problem??"

"Any problem??"

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"Not really. And oh, thanks for saying I'm beautiful."

I frowned and raised a brow.


He stared at me. Though he didn't smile, I saw amusement lingering in his eyes.

"I take it as a compliment. But I'm not gay, Harlem." he hung his schoolbag and went down the stairs until he left the lecture room.

People were just so strange. Like the hell? Tell a guy up in my hood that he's beautiful, he'll take it as an insult and skin you alive.
I just hated the people with whom I had to live with and study with now. For three good years.

We all went to the cafeteria for breakfast.

I looked for a table where I'd be alone. And of course I found one at a corner.
I sat down and began to eat. I looked at the other students walk by. They stared back, but with looks that clearly said: 'she's not of our world or class or whatever'. Boy, I didn't give a damn.

I continued to enjoy my meal when I noticed that same kid. The Lucas boy. He walked by with his tray of food, two of his friends with him. I hoped for him not to see me because he'd probably want to come over and sit with me. I knew people like him. Just because he spoke to me once, he'd probably think we could be friends. No.

Luckily, he passed by without seeing me.

Minutes later, a black girl walked up to my table.

"Can I joined you?" she asked. I looked at her. She was simple. She had jeans on, a pullover and sneakers.


"Thanks." she sat down across me, "Are you an outcast like me?" she mused. I looked up.

"Yeah. Apparently. You're from? I'm from Brownsville."

"From Harlem. I'm Dani. On scholarship. You are?"



I laughed a little.

"My name's Harlem."

She laughed.

"Wow. Nice to meet you. Your name's unexpected."

"Hahahaha, thanks. You're a freshman too?"

"Nope hun. This is my last year."

I looked at her surprised.

"Wow. And you're still down to Earth?"

"Yup. It's easy to survive in this rich world. Just stick to who you really are."

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