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Pen Your Pride

Every New Challenge Comes with a Fall

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The air was crisp and cold, nipping Yuri's skin and making him feel glad that he had been able to coarse Yalenchka into wearing his dark green coat, pale scarf, and his hat and gloves that were black. The sun was almost below the horizon, causing Yuri to walk faster with his son in his arms towards Ice Castle Hasetsu.

Yalenchka had practically begged Yuri to bring him to the skating rink once he was done laying his respects towards Vicchan. Yuri was against the idea of going because it was starting to get dark and the temperature was surely dropping at the moment. Because of it, Yalenchka was tearing up and sniffling before pulling out the pity card.

"But it's my birthday and you promised that I could start working on jumps today!"

Yuri couldn't argue with that face and those words, so he agreed to bring them there. That, of course, caused Yalenchka to stop crying immediately and jump for joy.

Yuri sighed as his son shivered in his grasp. He bit his lip and sighed in relief when he made it to the steps of the Ice Castle. He entered the door, relishing in the fact that the lobby was actually quite warm compared to the outside world. He heard Yalenchka sigh in relief as well, and set the boy down. His son immediately grabbed hold of his hand, causing Yuri to smile warmly as walk over to the staff window.

"Um, excuse me," he called out to the worker behind the window. She was putting up skates in the right place, determining if some skates were in the wrong place and fixing those as well.

When she noticed someone was there, she didn't even turn away from her task just yet, determined to get the last couple of pairs of skates on the shelves. It was silent for a moment as she grabbed the last pair of skates on the rolling rack behind her. As she placed them on the empty spot  on the shelf, she finally acknowledged the customer at her window.

"I'm sorry, but we're closed," she replied, turning to her customer once she was finished placing her last pair of skated on the shelf. When she looked at the man standing there, her eyes widened considerably and a smile was brought to her face. She raced over to the window and leaned up against it enthusiastically with a look of astonishment. "Oh my gosh! Is it really you, Yuri?"

"Hi Yuko," Yuri replied, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"If you've been gone for ten years!" Yuko replied cheerfully. "But who's counting? It's so great to have you back!"

"It feels nice being back in Hasetsu. The familiar surrounding make me feel more at home."

Yuri felt a tug on his jacket and he looked down at his son, who was looking up at him through sad yet hopeful eyes, raising his skates up just a little so that Yuri knew what he wanted. With a smile, Yuri ran his hand through his son's hair and looked back up at Yuko.

"Can we use the rink for a little while? I know you said that it was closed, but I promised Yalenchka that he could skate today and I don't want to break that promise."

Yuko blinked, her eyes traveling to the small figure that stood next to Yuri, gripping Yuri's coat. Her eyes lit up at the sight of him, immediately taken by the boy's bright blue eyes and chubby cheeks.

"Aw! Now who's this little sweet pea?" she gushed, jumping over the counter and pulling Yalenchka into a hug and squeezing the five year old boy. 

Yalenchka looked at Yuko strangely, pushing on her in hopes that he would be able to regain his freedom. He couldn't believe that this was the girl that his mother had constantly talked about when it came to telling him how he had started skating. This isn't how Yalenchka remembered Yuri explaining this girl to him at all.

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