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Pen Your Pride

Part Twelve

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Part Twelve

After that day, I never saw him again. But something else happened.

Little did I know that what he needed to do was find the Instrument of Separation. When he found it, he somehow used it to separate our souls without my knowing. He must've come back; I'm just sorry I wasn't able to try and stop him, or at least ask him why.

"He was the one who separated our souls?" Link asked.

Yes, it was him.

"What happened? When he did it?"

Really, it just hurt. It must've hurt him too, when the connection was severed, but when I woke in agony from the pain, he wasn't there.

"And after? With the pieces being separated and spread out?"

I guess he must've hid the pieces after he spirited our souls, and then I don't really know what happened to him. Some say that he died. Others say he really did settle down somewhere remote and live a happy life.

I don't really know what to believe.

"How do we know that him separating our souls wasn't a good thing? Why do you want to forge the connection if he went through all that to separate them?"

We don't. But the balance is thrown off, everything is wrong, this wasn't meant to happen. What your previous life did was unpredictable, and without him, we'll never know why he did it. But, now it's your job to fix it. You have to find the pieces of the instrument and use it to rebuild the connection between our souls.

"If you think that's what's best, then I'll do it. I just wish we knew his motives for doing it in the first place."

There is a way... The wisp said slowly. You could find out.


You remember all the souls of Zelda you saw when you first met her? Link nodded. If you were to use the instrument to separate your soul from your body, you should be able to communicate with him.

"But I can talk with you and I'm not..."

Because I allow you to. Most souls don't travel back into the living world unless they have to, and when they do they usually hide themselves from dwellers of the realm. Your previous life would not let you communicate with him unless he wanted it - that is while you're still connected to your living being. If you weren't, he'd have to speak to you.

"So if I separate my soul from my body, I could talk to him?"

Not necessarily. Said the musical voice of Zelda.

"What do you mean?"

You'll only be able to communicate with the souls that are not in the living world. Some souls choose to stay in the place that they were separated from their body in. Finding your previous life may be harder than you think if he still dwells in the living world.

"You think he didn't leave?"

It's hard to say if he did or not, but unless you can find him, you won't be able to communicate with him, and he, you.

"Why wouldn't he be able to communicate with me, if he wanted to?" Link asked.

He may be stuck there and have no way of leaving without help. If a soul were to rest in a enclosed place, or be lost in another, that soul could not leave unless the place was opened, or if it found its way out of the place it was lost in.

But, right now, the details aren't important. Finding the instrument is much more important. Ganondorf may still have possession of it.

"I thought the pieces were scattered and hidden?" Link said.

That was another thing I wanted to talk to you about. It seems that there are two instruments.

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