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"Charlie!" Alice yelled.

Charlie's laughter filled the air around them, as he stumbled out of the fountain, wavering in and out of being.

"Your crush on this weirdo is going to get us all killed," Julia hissed. "I'm getting rid of him." She raised her hands, starting to tut out the battle magic Kady had shown them.

"That's her brother!" Quentin said, grabbing Julia's wrist. "Let her--"

"Charlie's not here any more," the niffin said.

"Charlie, it's me!" Alice wailed. "It's Alice!"

"Bind him," Quentin said, handing Julia the box he'd stolen.

But, as her rings flashed in the starlight, the niffin came straight for Quentin. It passed through him, laughing, and he felt his body turning, facing Julia--felt his hands reaching up--the battle magic shot out of him, tearing the box out of Julia's hands.

Alice was shouting again, and Quentin fought for control of his body, but the box was looking larger and larger, he was feeling weaker and weaker, and by the time he was bound within the box, he knew he couldn't do a thing to save his friends. 

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