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I wrote this because I was bored.
Dan and Phil related.

Word Count: 1,482

"Dan, he's like me." I whispered trying to hide my face with my brown hair. My friend looked at me, her red eyes glimmering with confusion.

"What do you mean?" She asked. I shook my head and looked up at her. My eyes were glowing yellow to show her what I meant. "Oh... I get it now. Is that such a bad thing?" She asked crossing her incredibly pale arms.

"No... it's just that when I'm around him I can't control myself. I can't control the wolf in me. Next thing I know I'm looking at him with my teeth sharper than a needle." I exclaimed, resting my face in the palms of my hands. Lexi stared at me with her pure blood eyes and started to giggle.

"What? What's so funny?" I asked looking back up at her.

I hate it when people laugh at me. I have anger management issues which only got worse the moment that bastard bit me.

"He's your mate." She exclaimed after she stopped laughing. "He's... what?" I asked genuinely confused.

"Your mate... almost like a soulmate. Haven't your parents ever explained your mate to you?" Lexi asked her eyes wide with shock.

"I've heard about them before but I... how do you know he's my mate?" I asked crossing my own arms.

"My parents taught me not to come between werewolves and their mates." Lexi shrugged like it was no big deal.

"That doesn't answer my question." I rose an eyebrow quizzically. "I know he's your mate because of the way you feel about him. When you're around him you can't control the wolf. You will turn to a hot mess of electrical bolts rushing through your body. Your skin will feel like you're on fire, as though you walked right through a lava fall. Trust me... I know." Lexi sighed heavily and shook her head. "Do you have a mate?" I asked sitting down on the end of my bed.

"Vampires don't have mates like werewolves. We create blood bonds. It's kind of the same thing. I just have to get another being, of any kind, to drink my blood... then we'll be bonded by blood forever. But I can't start it." Lexi shrugged sadly and sat down next to me. "Why not?" "You ask a lot of questions. The guy has to act first otherwise it won't work the way it should. And I don't think Phil even knows that I want to be his blood bond yet." Lexi huffed and hugged her knees close to her chest. "Wait? Phil? Phil Lester? Dan's best friend?" Lexi nodded her head and stretched out over the bed spread. "Hmm..." I hummed to myself.

Blood Bond hmm?

"Is it like another rule that the Valatori came up with?" I asked. Lexi nodded her head again and sighed. "I'm just gonna lay here for a while. You should go find Dan." Lexi mumbled crossing her arms under her head. I nodded my head, though she can't see me. I stood up and headed for the door.

I was just about to grab the handle when I froze. I felt it. My skin heated up and started to tingle with electrical bolts. I felt my wolf side try to come through. He's here.

The door swung open and Dan was standing there. He's jaw was clenched tightly and his hands were balled into tight fists. Without thinking I did the same. Clenched my jaw and curled my hand into fists.

"What are you? Some type of witch? What did you do to me?" Dan asked, gritting his teeth. "I didn't do anything. We're mates." I responded.

Dan's facial features softened slightly. I opened his mouth to speak and I seen his fangs. Almost on instinct, I reached up to slightly graze my fingertips over his sharp teeth. After barely touching it, it drew a small amount of blood from my pointer finger. Dan's hand quickly grasped my wrist and his tongue licked the blood off of my finger. Dan closed his eyes in pleasure and when he opened them back up his eyes were glowing the familiar werewolf yellow.

That's how we both knew that we depended on each other for everything.

I turned my neck to the side so he could seal the deal. Dan's sharp teeth came down over my neck creating The Mark, that claimed me to him. I was now bonded to him forever, and I couldn't be happier.

Lexi's POV

I had to leave the room. Let Dan and Carly have some privacy.

When I walked out into the hallway, I walked to the elevator. I wanted to go to the pool. It was the middle of the night and it would probably be closed but I can break the lock easily.

I was going to try and break the lock to the pool door only to find the lock already broken.

I looked through the glass window to see Phil sitting by the pool. Great.

I walked through the, now open, door and walk over to Phil.

"Hey." I greeted him with a slight smile. Phil, startled, looked up at me and smiled back. "Hello!" He responded a little more chirp in his voice.

"What are you doing down here? In the middle of the night may I add?" Phil asked standing up. To keep my identity hidden, Phil could only see my fake blue eyes. And I could see his fake blue eyes too. Could he really be this blind? Could he not tell that I was a vampire just like him? Wait... of course he can't tell... I was just in a room with two werewolves... their scent must have rubbed of on me.

"I just wanted to come for a little dip. How did you get in here? Was the lock already broken when you got here?" I asked pretending not to know about him being inhuman.

"No. I broke it. I needed some alone time. But now that you're here I think I'll spend some time with you, instead." Phil smirked and flashed me his fangs. I tilted my head to the side so he had a clear shot to my neck.

"Go ahead. Do it." I encouraged him. Phil closed the distance between us and moved my pitch black hair out of the way. His fangs were inching closer and closer to the vein in my neck. I felt a slight prick followed by a sort of pulling in my veins. My blood getting sucked through them to Phil's mouth.

I could feel it... and I knew Phil felt it as well...

Phil reluctantly pulled away from my neck. He stared into my eyes as his turned to their natural red colour. My eyes changed back as well. Phil had a small trickle of my blood sliding down the corner of his mouth. I reached up and wiped it away with my thumb. Phil licked the bit of blood off of my thumb and intertwined our fingers.

"Blood Bond." Phil mumbled with a smile. "Blood Bond." I repeated.

Blood Bond- When a any sort of being; werewolf, human, vampire, etc. Drinks the blood of a vampire.

A Blood Bond is an oath that claims that you will be with your partner, that you are now bonded to, forever.

When you are bonded with your partner, you will no longer want to drink any other blood from any other being. You will survive alone on your partners blood and vice versa.

If and when your partner dies, you may feel very many strange emotions. Though it all depends on your wellbeing. Some may seek revenge, or go completely mad, in search of a new way to live without their partners blood.

Werewolf Mates- Every Werewolf had a mate, their other half.

When a werewolf turns 18 they have the possibility to find their mate. Sometimes it can take years to find them, sometimes is can take weeks. It all depends on how hard they are looking.

It is often found that when you don't look incredibly hard you will find your mate faster.

Sometimes a werewolf's wolf will act up in weird ways around their mate and they would have no idea as to why it is happening. Once a werewolf meets eye contact with their mate, they immediately know that they are the one.

To seal the mate Bond the male wolf must bite the female's neck. Thus creating the mark. This mark means that she is now taken and she now belongs to whoever the bite belongs to.

However, a female can be stolen by a separate male if he decides to re-bite over her previous mark. But that does not mean that he is her mate.

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