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"Oh, my God, Penny, you're covered in blood," Eliot said, as Penny appeared in the doorway of the cottage. Eliot sipped at his drink. "It sort of works for you."

"Quentin needs help," Penny said, grabbing at the doorframe.

Eliot and Margo leapt up and followed Penny back to the clearing, where they found Quentin, coughing blood. Beside him was another body.

"Isn't that... your boyfriend?" Margo asked, her nose wrinkling in distaste.

"Mike!" Eliot dropped to his knees. "Mike--"

Mike didn't move.

"What the hell happened?" Eliot yelled, turning back to Penny.

"Guy came out of nowhere," Penny said. "Went after Quentin, and I just--I didn't think, I just--"

"Jesus," Eliot said, turning back to Mike's body. "I didn't even think you liked Quentin."

"I don't," Penny spat.

"Didn't," said Margo, laying Quentin's wrist on the ground.

"We should get help," Eliot said, but it was more of a question.

Margo shook her head. 

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