Calum immediately knew what was going on and smiled, "Does your soulmate have an X on their thumb?" Cal asked Luke and looked over at Michael, waiting to see for them to add it up.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Luke asked and looked at his thumb, Michael doing the same, incredulously.

They both looked at each other and the blush became prominent on both of their faces.

"Cal, you knew we were each others soul mates and didn't say anything?" Luke said and Calum nodded and smiled.

"Ash and I knew once we saw Michael's tattoo and your memory of not ever getting one because you're scared of needles." Calum said and smiled.

Luke and Michael smiled shyly at each other and continued walking, this entire conversation setting them back a few minutes, so they needed to hurry up if they wanted to get to school.

"What're you getting Ashton?" Luke asked and smiled over at Calum, who helped the entire situation, Luke just needing to talk to Michael about them soon, still not knowing how to.

"Well I was thinking of taking him out of his math class, bringing him to the storage closet and bl-" Calum started but immediately was cut off with Luke covering his mouth.

"We're good on that, we don't need to know that." Luke said and Michael nodded, still having some innocence left in him.

They got to the school with twenty minutes to spare. Ashton ran up to Calum and kissed him. "My prince, happy two year, this has been the best time for me and I love you so much. I'm so glad to be able to be with you and have you as not only as my best friend, my lover, and the only person who can truly understand me. You don't judge me or try to label me and I love you so much and hope we last for more years." He said, enveloping Calum into a hug and kissing his forehead.

Luke and Michael smiled at this exchange and were so happy for the couple. Michael kinda figured him and Luke were soulmates. He made him smile and laugh and make him not remember his dark past and how he got those bruises. He made him feel at home, just in the few seconds he looked at him and had decent conversation with him. He didn't want to rush into things, but he was so excited and happy.

Luke had no clue what to do with Michael and talk to him about it. Before he could pull Michael aside, the bell rang signaling first class. Luke groaned and sighed, but remembered Michael, Ashton and himself had that class, so he could take Ashton's seat and talk to Michael about this entire situation. He was nervous because he'd always picture his soulmate as a female, and them doing everything together. He was straight, at least that's what he's always thought, until he met Michael. Maybe he was straight just preferred Michael.

Michael gasped and ran to his locker, just hearing the bell and grabbed the books he was given the previous day after school by the staff. He made it just in time for his first class of the day and sat down where he sat, next to Ashton and Luke. He was nervous around Luke now because he didn't know how Luke would take it. He'd heard stories about soul mates meeting for the first time and one rejecting another. It wasn't something Michael wanted to happen ever.

Luke sat next to Michael instead of next to Ashton, having a reason for this. Michael laid his head down and yawned a bit. Luke looked over at the tired boy and almost cooed at him. He looked so adorable and small and cute. He almost felt bad when he woke up the sleeping boy.

"Hmph?" Michael woke up and pouted.

"We need to talk Michael." Luke whispered.

"About what?" Michael whined, causing people to 'shush' him.

Luke raised his hand to fix his hair and Michael flinched and cowered down.

" I won't ever hurt you, please." Luke fixed his hair and smiled.

Michael nodded and looked over. "Talk then?"

Luke nodded and told him to meet him in the bathroom. Michael did so and smiled.

Luke was sitting on the sink counter as Michael came in. "Hey princess." Luke said and Michael blushed.

Luke put Michael in between his legs and sighed. "I thought I was straight, but I guess things have a funny way of working out. But you're my soulmate, and I'm very excited and nervous but I want this to happen because seeing you made me happy and smile. I just. I need you and am happy for this to happen beautiful."

Michael blushed and felt the tears come in his eyes as he hugged Luke and smiled. He pulled away and kissed Luke's cheek then leaned in and kissed him.

While Luke and Michael were sharing their first kiss, Calum pulled Ashton out of class saying 'the principal needs him.' When in reality Calum needed him.

Calum took Ashton into the janitors closet and kissed him deeply. "Sorry this isn't one of our houses but this will have to do for now my king." Calum said and kissed Ashton's neck, leaving little love bites wherever he went. Going to his knees he rubbed on Ashton's growing length, emitting moans from Ashton's mouth, his voice getting deeper.

"Oh f.uck Cal. Please oh god." Ashton said, barely formulating words.

"What does daddy want?" Cal looked up to him and smirked a bit, loving the reaction that Ashton gets after two years of this stuff happening.

"Wanna see your pretty lips take me." Ashton whined and Calum nodded and pulled down his pants and boxers along with it.

He sucked on his tip lightly then started to kitten lick him. Ashton moaned loudly and pulled Calum's hair, knowing the kinky little boy loved it.

Calum moaned while he had started to put all of Ashton in his mouth, and while he had to prep his throat because Ashton was big, so he slowly took him in inch after inch.

Ashton moaned and bit his lip, accidentally bucking his hips and have Calum moan on him. Ashton knew he wasn't going to last, even though the boy was 18 and should've had this for 2 years but he still couldn't function with Calum around him.

"Cal please baby I'm not going to last." He moaned out loud and Calum nodded and sped up, taking him in his mouth all the way and sucking faster.

Ashton moaned and released into Calum's mouth and bit his lip.

"F.uck baby." Ashton moaned as Calum swallowed all of him and coming off of him.

"Baby that was perfect oh my god you're so perfect." Ashton kissed Calum and smiled.

"Don't forget about me having you later." Ashton winked and kissed Calum's neck, fixing himself , also giving him hickeys as well and pushing themselves out of the door when the bell rang. Ashton spanked Calum's ass and walked out of the room.

Luke and Michael heard the bell ring and went to their classes. Michael had the remaining classes with Ashton and Luke.

Luke and Michael held hands wherever they went and smiled. They had never been happier and Michael didn't even remember that he was supposed to clean the house.

Michael went home with a happy smile when it was over and his father was on the couch, drinking.

"Didn't, I tell you to clean this house you f.uck up?" Michaels dad said calmly.

Michael completely forgot and nodded. "Sorry dad I'll get to it right now." He said worriedly.

Michael's father threw the glass bottle at him, it hitting the back of his head, causing blood to immediately form on Michaels head.

He whimpered out and felt the back of his head, to feel blood. He ran up to his bedroom and looked over out the window to see Calum and Ashton getting a bit steamy. He was going to try to see if he could get into Calum's house but he's guessing it's a bad time.

He called the only other number in his phone. Luke immediately responded, and when Michael told him what happened he said he'd pick him up as soon as possible.

Maybe Michael was a little happy to hear someone cared. Maybe Luke was a little happy to be needed. The two would never know, but they loved being needed and happy.

Luke picked Michael up and they drove to his house, cleaning Michael up and kissing his forehead, while they watched movies and fell asleep cuddling, it'd been the best sleep they've had in a while, but neither would say it.

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