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Hey guys I hope you like this chapter and stuffs!

I'm probably gonna do only 1,000 words if not 1,500 I'm not really feeling well today. Update: I ended up doing like 2,100 words so I hope you guys enjoy this I love you all sm.

Words: 2,100

Third Persons Point Of View

Michael woke up from his peaceful slumber and saw that the house was empty. He was hoping for his father to at least wake him up, but it was okay because his day wouldn't have to start with a beating. He went over to his bathroom and looked at himself. He saw the bags under his eyes and his green eyes trying to radiate happiness but seem not to be able to, only showing the sadness he's had in his life for 10 years.

Luke sensed sadness and woke up really early. He then got up to start getting ready and not be late. He got his clothes on and wished for a good day, went downstairs and did everything he was supposed to, then ate his breakfast. He fixed his hair and went out of his house, putting on his vans and started the walk to Calum's.

Michael was just fixing his black skater skirt and crop sweater, when the doorbell rang. He cowered in fear for a second and went down the stairs, stumbling a bit and opened the door to see Calum.

"Hey Cal!" Michael said cheerfully and opened the door a bit wider.

Calum stayed right where he was. "Hey Mikey, I was wondering if you wanted to walk to school with Luke and I. It's gonna be cool and fun."

Michael looked a bit hesitant then nodded afterwards. He put his pink vans on and slipped out the door.

Luke met up at Calum's house, only to see the house empty when he takes the spare key under the mat and opened the door. He then saw Cal and Michael walk out of Michael's house. He thought Michael looked gorgeous and perfect in his beautiful black skater skirt, and blue cropped sweater.

Michael saw Luke and instantly felt his cheeks warm up at the sight and thought of him. It was the same way with Luke. They both made eye contact and smiled at each other. 'Wow' the thought went into both of their heads and Calum seemed to know what already was going on in their heads.

"Hi Lukey!" Cal said and ruffled Luke's hair, making the younger boy groan and roll his eyes.

"Do you know how long this took?" Luke said, blushing when Michael giggled, watching this exchange unfold between the two best friends.

"What're you being so giggly for?" Luke asked and ruffled Michael's hair, causing the boy to pout and move away, so he could fix his hair.

"Nothing, Lukey, let's get to school." Michael said, making fun of the nickname Calum gave him, and they started walking. Luke and Calum talked, Michael never really involving himself in conversation but nodding along to something he liked or bunching up his nose when he disagreed.

"Oh Lukey do you know what today is?" Calum asked, excitedly.

"What is it Cal?" Luke asked, looking at the smaller raven haired boy.

"Today Ashton and I make two years!" Calum smiled and clapped excitedly.

"Oh my gosh, congratulations Calum!" Luke and Michael said, simultaneously, then looked at each other and blushed.

Michael hugged Calum and smiled, knowing that the bond between two soul mates is one that can never be broken or forgotten, it's so special and perfect.

"I wish I actually had a date with my soul mate, but I don't have one, mine probably died or something." Michael pouts and sighs.

"My soulmate has tattoos and a lot of bruises." Luke said, pondering out loud.

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