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Bella POV

This is it. I thought, as Alice and Rosalie were putting on the finishing touches. Yes, I rekindled with The Cullens and sadly I HAD to invite Edweirdo and Hoessica. It was NOT my choice, I was my mom's. Enough about that becuase, today I am marrying the man I love.

"Bella hold still." Alice complained as I shifted uncomfortably do to the fact that she was curling my hair and that it could burn me at any moment.

"Don't worry." She said, as if hearing my thoughts. "I've been doing people's hair for decades, yours just needs to be tamed more."

Rosalie and I laughed and Alice's response.

"I'm sure it does Alice." I said. Rosalie lightly put mascara on my eyes.

"There!" Alice squealed. "Your hair is now perfect."

"Thank you Alice." I replied, hugging her small cold frame.

"Hey!" Rosalie exclaimed. "I still have to do your lips Bella."

I laughed and sat back down in the chair.

"Oh Leah, you look beautiful." Alice said, looking behind me. Did I forget to mention that Leah and Alice get along fine since they both have the same fashion sense. They still think mine is horrible. *insert eye roll*

"Thanks Alice." Leah said, twirling a bit for us in her dress. "Bella, Paul is going to faint when he sees you."

"Let's hope not." Rosalie laughed. "because then who would say his vows?"

"Let's NOT think about that." I said, grabbing the bouquet of roses. The girls just giggled.

"Is she decent?" Charlie's voice could be heard from the other side of the door.

"Yes, Mr. swan." Alice said. Charlie came through the door and stepped into the room.

"You can call me Charlie, Alice." Dad said. "There Bella, it was your grandma's."

Charlie walked up to me and handed me a small black box. I opened it and inside was a bracelet, designed with the head of a silver wolf in the middle and black beads on either side.

"Thank you dad." I said, pulling him in a hug. "I love it."

"Your welcome Bella." He said, hugging me back.

¨It's almost time." I heard my mom say from behind us. Dad and I separated as mom came and hugged. 

¨My little girl is growing up."She lightly sobbed on my shoulder. 

"Oh mom."I said gently. " I will always be your little girl, just married." Renée laughed a little  and let go of me. She wiped her tears and stood for to the side for a bit. 

"Okay." Alice said clapping her hands. "Bella stand right here. " She grabbed me by the upper arms and led me to the door. She then grabbed Charlie and pulled him to the right side of me. 

"Okay, Rosalie can you tell them that we are ready."Alice asked- no demanded Rosalie. Rosalie nodded before rolling her eyes as she walked out the door. I stifled a laugh, trying to look serious. We waited a couple moments, then the DJ started to play the "Here Comes The Bride " music. 

"Are you ready?" Charlie asked me as Alice and Mom held the doors open for us. 

"Yes." I replied back. I took Charlie's arm into my own and we began to walk, down the isle and onto the beach. 

 The guests all stood up and turned towards us. My human friends giving me thumbs up and small smiles. The pack hooting and hollering. The cullens standing and smiling, besides Edward. Edward who was glaring at all of this and Hoesicca I mean Jessica who was attached to his hip, was also looking very unhappy. 

But who gives a damn. It's MY wedding day! I am marrying the love of my life. I turned and saw Leah walking behind me with Jake. We got to the altar, I looked at Paul and saw him looking sexy in his suit. He looked at me with his mouth open. 

Dad and I stopped in front of the Priest. Paul held his hand out for me to take. I reached my hand out  and took his. We smiled at eachother, joining our other hand together. 

(A/N Yay the first chapter of the sequel. Hoped you liked it!) 

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