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"Alright Camila, we gotta pack your clothes" Lauren said, pulling up to Camila's apartment. The two were going to get Camila's stuff for the trip, since she couldn't just stay in Lauren's clothes the whole time.

"How long is the trip?" Camila asked, pulling out a red suitcase from under her bed.

"Well I have a house up there that we'll be staying in, so technically as long as we want. But the brunch amd meetings will only take up tomorrow afternoon, and I'm thinking maybe a few more days to just relax on the beach. What do you think?" Lauren said, starting to neatly fold the items Camila had simply tossed into the suitcase.

"Sounds great! Thanks for bringing me Lo" Camila smiled, shyly kissing the older woman's cheek.

"You're such a little cutie. Go get your things now" Lauren cooed, pushing her in the direction of her closet.

The two continued packing, Camila sneaking in a package of pull ups in her toiletries bag. "Alright honey, is that it?" Lauren asked, once they were ready to walk out the door.

"Yeah but uh... I have a question" Camila said quietly.

"What is it baby?"

"Can I uh- maybe bring some little clothes too? J-just in case I mean" Camila blushed, embarrassed she was even asking the question. She knew they were taking it slow, and while part of her was grateful for Lauren letting her take the lead, the other part just wanted to hurry it up, and go back to how their relashionship was before.

"Of course sweetheart, how about this. Why don't we pack your little clothes in a blue suitcase instead of red, and in the mornings you can tell me what color you'd like" Lauren compromised, knowing she didn't want the girl to feel obligated to wear them just because she'd asked for them.

"O-okay, thank you Lo" Camila smiled shyly, climbing into Lauren's car once again.

Once back at Lauren's house, the two walked into the nursery as soon as Lauren had grabbed another suitcase.
Camila looked around, biting her lip. She missed the room desperately, but was snapped out of her thoughts when Lauren led her over to the closet.

"Alright baby, you can pretty much choose what you want, but keep in mind it'll be very warm, so I think dresses and shorts would be best. You can bring some swimsuits and even beach toys if you'd like, the house has a pool and little private beach area"

Slowly, the two went through different sections of Camila's closet, plucking items the small girl asked for. They started at her dresses, which made up most of her suitcase. Lauren packed in a few fancier options for meetings and meals out, but also included a lot of loose ones as well.

Camila also picked some other outfits, knowing she'd most likely go for the dresses anyway. She also packed a few swimsuits, deliberately picking the less babyish options, and going for the ones without cartoon characters or lines of ruffles on the bottom.

Once both were done, Lauren loaded the rest of the things in the car, smiling when Camila asked to sit in her car seat, quickly saying that it was just so she'd sleep better.


"Lo? Can I have a snack?" Camila asked about an hour into the three hour long car ride.

"Sure baby, there should be some in the bag next to you" Lauren responded, motioning to the bag she'd filled with food and bottles of water.

"Do you have fruit snacks?"

"I don't think so honey, there's some goldfish in there though, you can snack on those"

"But I wanted fruit snacks" Camila pouted, a subtle whine creeping into her voice.

"Sorry baby, maybe tomorrow we can stop at the store and get some" Lauren reasoned.

"But I want some now Lo" Camila huffed, wiggling in her car seat.

"Baby I'd appreciate it if you didn't throw a tantrum, there's plenty of snacks and drinks in there that you may have instead"

"But Lo! I don't want them, I want fruit snacks" Camila whined louder, thrashing her legs against the bottom of her car seat. She knew it was childish, but she didn't really care about that, she just wanted some fruit snacks!

Noticing the beginning of a fit, Lauren pulled the car over, turning around to look back at the small girl.

"Camila, I know we agreed to take this slow but that does not mean you are allowed to throw a fit. Slow or not, I won't put up with any fussy behavior, understand me?" Lauren asked sternly.

"Yes" Camila whispered. She was tired and cranky, since Lauren had made her skip nap time so she'd fall asleep in the car.

"Good girl, thank you for listening" Lauren praised, turning back around and starting the car again. She made sure to pace herself when it came to Camila, but was always sure not to spoil her too much, since that'd only result in a bratty little girl.

Camila sulked and pouted in the backseat, crossing her arms over her chest. She'd unknowingly started to slip back into headspace, little by little.

Noticing how babyish she must look, she stopped pouting, lowering her arms and just laying her head back against the seat's headrest.

Looking out the window, the small girl started to get drowsy, lulled by the soft music and steady movement of the car. "Go ahead and take a nap baby, I'll wake you up when we get to the house" Lauren said, seeing Camila start to nod off in the backseat.

Camila nodded, trying to keep herself awake anyway, but failing and letting her head fall against the back of her car seat.


Lauren slowly pulled into the driveway of the beach house, quietly turning the headlights and car off. It was dark by now, and Camila was still peacefully sleeping in the back seat. Her head had rolled forward, and Lauren quickly pulled her out of the car, knowing she'd get sore if left in that position for much longer.

"Lo?" Camila asked groggily, shifting her head on Lauren's shoulder, but not lifting it up.

"Shh baby girl, go back to sleep. It's bedtime baby" Lauren soothed into the small girl's ear, continuing to whisper soft things to lull her back to sleep.

Camila settled, and fell back into a deep sleep, not even bothering to recognize where they were. She was with Lauren, and right now that was all that mattered.

The older woman walked into the large house, deciding to just grab their luggage in the morning and locking the door behind her. She threw the keys onto the couch, taking Camila upstairs.

Since the house was designed as a family vacation type of home, the rooms besides the master were made to hold a lot of people.

Lauren carefully placed Camila into one of the built-in bunk beds, taking the clips out of her hair so they wouldn't hurt her.

Lauren carefully fixed her sheets, tucking the girl's bunny into her arms and watching her instinctively cuddle it. After making sure everything was okay, Lauren headed to her own room down the hall, deciding to turn in for the night as well.

Despite it being passed what she thought of as Camila's bedtime, it was still early for Lauren, since the older woman usually stayed up to work late at night.

It worked out though, since falling asleep early meant getting up earlier, which gave the two girls a chance to talk before the start of Lauren's brunch and meetings for the day. They'd meet up with Keana and Lucy in the morning, and would have a busy day before getting to finally wind down and relax.

The car trip had tired both girls out though, since it'd taken longer than expected because of traffic and a stop for some dinner. They were exhausted, and were both asleep in their own beds by 9 o'clock.

So both girls are slowly falling back into their roles, but are still taking it one step at a time.

Hope y'all enjoyed, and comment any ideas or suggestions down below!

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