Pregnant With I'm Not Sure Who's Baby

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Pregnant With I'm Not Sure Who's Baby

Alyson Morris, thats me. I'm 17 years old. My parents died when i was 14 so now I live with my 21 year old sister Megan. I'm a senior at Blake View High. I have a boyfriend, Josh Ronner but since middle school we've all called him J. Hes the linebacker on the schools football team. Hes the best boyfriend you could ever ask for but sometimes, he does have his jackass moments but hey, what guy doesn't? Anyway I have a best guy friend Tyler Brooke or Ty hes the best, hes also the quaterback on the schoold football team, i've known him all my life my mom and his mom were best friends in college so we grew up together. Everything in my life has been great... until now... because, one of these guys is the father of my baby. Which one? Thats a good question... do I know who? ..... no... The good news is that i'll be able to finish my senior year before my belly starts to show. The bad news.. i dont know how im going to tell either of them that one of em' might be the father of my baby.

This is how it all started......

"Hey babe" J said after giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Hey to you too" i told J while giving him a peck on his lips. He cupped my face and pulled me closer so he could kiss me, he wapped his arms around my waist and deepend the kiss. I pushed him back "No PDA" i said sarcastically. "Sorry babe you just get me so eager!" J said with a seductive smile on his face. Hes acted like this since we first had sex about two months ago, but now we just do it when ever we feel like. "I know i do" i said sounding like a tease. He put his arm around me and walked me to class we have 1st and 7th block together. As we got to the class I sat at my seat and J sat next to me and whispered in my ear while Mr. Carsh was writing on the board "Wanna go to Jace's party with me tonight?" "Umm sure why not" I said while giving him a sweet smile and a peck on his lips. Class ended and J walked me to my next class while holding my hand. When I got to 2nd block J gave me a hug and a peck on my lips, and he left. I walked in to my class and sat at my table. Ty walked in and sat next to me "So you going to Jace's party tonight?" "Yeah i'm going with J" I said "Badass" Ty said with a cute smile. He and J have always been friends there not that close but when you put them together theres no way you can keep a straight face.

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