Chapter 10

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Hi guys. If you've read this fanfic before, please go back and re-read. I've changed a few things. And please remember this is a fanfic. I've tried to keep this with as much facts as possible but it's hard since it is a fanfic. Enjoy!

Today we are driving to Milwaukee for the show tomorrow. I keep thinking about Alyssa and how in 24 hours I will be with her. Words can not express how excited I am to see her. But I still have to get through this next concert.

I'm sitting at the table listening to my album. I can't believe people are out there listening to me. It's crazy. It still feels like a dream. Tomorrow I'm going to be performing almost all of my new songs and my old songs. I wonder if the crowd will have the songs memorized. Probably. They have probably been listening to the album on repeat since the moment it came out.

I grab my phone and go to twitter. I scroll through my mentions and favorite a few tweets. I see one that catches my eye. It says "I hope you leave us with the AFTERTASTE after THE LIFE OF THE PARTY tomorrow ;)" I laughed and quoted it with "hahaha very clever. You guys are definitely in for a treat. See you there :)"
I then went to my feed and scrolled down looking for anything exciting. But there really wasn't anything so I went over to my personal. Maybe Alyssa has tweeted about me. I look her up. The last thing she tweeted was "Having a FaceTime date on Friday. First dates are so exciting." I grinned. I look at the replies and see "Omg. Where did you meet?" And "I WANT DETAILS." The details one was from Kam.

I clicked on her profile and scrolled down. She doesn't tweet that much she just retweets. I keep on scrolling and see her replies to my tweets. I laugh and press the follow button. By now, Alyssa should've told her that I have a personal account, I mean she's her best friend. Within seconds she requests to follow me. I accept, of course.
I close out of twitter and close my eyes. I still have a few hours left on the bus before we arrive in Milwaukee. I'm asleep for what feels like 10 minutes when someone shakes me. I hear mumbling so I take my headphones out.
"We are here." Cameron says.
I rub my face and look outside. Sure enough we are parked outside of the hotel that we are staying at tonight. Man, I guess this touring is really wearing me out.
I get up and stretch. Then I look at my watch. It's only 3:45. I look at Cam and say "Where's Taylor?"
"He's sleeping."
I walk over to the bunk space and start tickling him. He screams "WHAT THE HELL SHAWN. I WAS SLEEPING."
He looks very angry. I forgot. Taylor loves his sleep.
I say and halfway giggle "We are here. Get up. We are going to go do some exploring."
"I'm always down for a good time." Taylor says.
"Well then get up. We are burning daylight."
Cameron and I walk out and I open the door of the tour bus. It's so nice to get out of the bus. We walk into the hotel and I see a teenage girl staring at us. I walk over and Cameron follows. I say "Hello. Do you want to take a picture with us?"
"Would you mind? I really look up to you. I want to be a singer someday."
"Yeah it's no problem. And follow your dreams. You never know what can happen."
She takes a selfie with us and says thank you and goodbye. I see Andrew walking towards us so I walk over.
"Here is your guys' room keys. Don't destroy the room please."
I grab it and say "Anything for you, dad."
He walks away shaking his head and I say "Man I really want some real food. Do you want to get some?"
"Heck yeah. I think we should get in disguise though first."
"Not that many people know us. It'll be okay."
"Whatever you say Shawn."
Taylor comes walking in. "Man am I hungry."
"Good. We are going out to eat. My treat."
He grins and we start walking. We see a little diner about 2 blocks away. We walk in silence the whole way there. Once we arrive, the waitress seats us and says "What would you cuties like to drink?"
I ordered a water while Cameron and Taylor ordered soda. She smiled and left. I glanced over the menu and immediately chose a burger. I haven't had a non-fast food or room service burger in forever. I look over at the boys and ask "So guys what have you been up to? Haven't talked in a while."
Taylor glanced up and smirked "Oh ya know... girls. Partying. Living it up."
I rolled my eyes then gave a half hearted laugh. "Of course. What about you Cam?"
"Well. I have this crazy idea." He paused and looked us dead in the eye. "I want to bring back Magcon."

So uh... it's been awhile. I should've updated sooner but better late than never, right? I hoped you liked this chapter. I'm going to post updates every once in awhile. I don't want to rush the writing process and school right now is stressful. But I know where I am going with this story and where it will end. Trust me, it has a long way to go. Please rate, comment what you like/dislike, and share. Much love, Mendes_Shawn.

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