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This is a fictional story on how I underwent three regression therapy sessions with surprising revelations about my present life, love and personal circumstances


It was 7pm and I was beginning to get nervous, wondering if this was such a good idea after all. For the umpteenth time I had glanced at my watch, looked out of living room window and sighed.

“Relax will you? You know that Michael will turn up as promised. Naomi said he is reliable and not one to waste anybody’s time” Elliott said with an amused tone in his voice.

That was easy for him to say; after all it hadn’t been his idea to invite a hypnotist to our home to practise his dark arts on me in the name of science. Okay I know that sounds a little melodramatic, but that’s how I was feeling right then. I glanced in his direction, smiled in acknowledgement of his calming logic, kissed him tenderly on his forehead and ruffled his blonde locks which he was currently growing retro-style with side curtains (very 1980’s). I had to admit that I was just a little jealous of his thick blonde locks and being in his 40’s it just wasn’t fair! Here I am in my early 30’s and reduced to close cropping my hair because of its increasingly rapid retreat. I had been so proud of my easy to style black hair that did whatever I wanted it to do, now it was a distant memory. Just deserts I guess, my mum had always said I was too vain and that I would ruin my hair with all the gel and styling cream I used on a daily basis. Hmm! What do mums know? I used to think.

Glancing over to the 1930’s mantelpiece I felt a warm glow in my heart as I looked at our Wedding photo enlarged to poster size and elegantly framed. I think it’s safe to say that it was the happiest day of my life, not only was I marrying the love of my life but I felt I was coming home again having been away for so long. The two of us stood centre stage, Elliott as blonde and fair as I was dark and swarthy, dressed immaculately in our silvery grey morning suits holding hands beaming broadly. To either side of us stood our respective families ranging in age from my elderly grandparents to my nephews and nieces barely out of nappies but intent on creating mischief wherever they went. My sisters were doing their best to keep their offspring in line for the camera and failing miserably! I barely remember the reception afterwards because of the quantities of alcohol consumed but the photographs which sit in our album fill in the missing gaps and are an endless source of amusement for visiting friends and family.

The ring on the doorbell startled me out of my reminiscing and with another quick glance at Elliott for reassurance I went to answer the front door. Opening the door, I was greeted by the smiling face of an elderly gentleman, I would guess in his early seventies and in his prime he would have been a very handsome man.

“Hi, I’m Michael. You must be Sean.” The elderly man said before offering his hand for me to shake.

“How did you know?” I asked in surprise.

“I’m not psychic for nothing you know!” He laughed in response. “No, seriously, Naomi gave me a photo of you and Elliott to see if I could pick up anything before I paid you a visit.”

“Oh right, you’d better come in then!” I replied with a smile and stepped backwards and held the door open for him.

“Thank you.” He replied with a warm smile and walked into the hallway looking with casual interest before turning left into the living room and greeting Elliott with the same cheerfulness he had with me.

Elliott invited him to sit down while fetched the freshly brewed coffee and biscuits Elliott had prepared just before Michael’s arrival.

“So, here we are then.” Michael broke the ice having taken a cup of coffee and an offered biscuit. “Before I explain what my role will be, perhaps you two would like to tell me a little about yourselves and what you would like to gain from this session(s).”

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