if you keep holding me this way

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I didn't read this one but it's also pretty long so enjoy

if you keep holding me this way
ao3: Anonymous


Harry is a uni student who just so happens to enjoy dressing up as a long-haired androgynous sub persona to go out to bars and pick up men to dominate him. He tries to keep his BDSM life and his personal one separated, but that gets difficult when his crush on a classmate gets serious and his two worlds collide.

alright! first of all i want to thank the organizer(s) of sub harry fic fest for putting this together and prompting the fandom into creating some truly excellent fic :)

i would also like to extend my thanks to my beta/britpicker knottedxgun. your help was much appreciated :D

hope you enjoy this porny thing i have created. thanks for reading!!
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Harry had just been finishing the last mouthful of his second free drink of the night – courtesy of some big muscly guy in a too-small top – when he spotted Louis on the far edge of the dance floor. Harry set his empty glass down and leaned his hip against the bar on the raised level of the room, looking out over the mass of dancing people and keeping his gaze trained on his classmate even as the tosser who bought his drink tried to talk him up over the pounding music.

The guy moved a bit closer, lips brushing Harry's ear, and Harry had to snap his attention away from Louis and back to the bloke's dumb face. Harry smiled and nodded and made eye contact with the guy as he sucked on the cherry red straw in his drink and did the bare minimum to keep the guy from getting offended by his lack of interest. The guy really was prattling on, though, which made it surprisingly easy for Harry to sneak glances at Louis. He looked great, wearing tight skinnies with a dark shirt that clung to his pecs and biceps perfectly. Harry wanted to stroke his fringe to see if it was as soft as it looked from here.

First things first, though: he needed to get closer.

"That was lovely," Harry grumbled, just close enough and loud enough for his suitor to hear it. "But it's a bit late and I've got an early flight, yeah?" He brushed a kiss over the man's stubbly cheek and patted him on the shoulder. Surprisingly he didn't even put up a fight, just trailed his fingers down Harry's side and watched him saunter off with wistful eyes. It was as if he was satisfied with having gotten to spend even a moment with Harry, which was just what Harry liked. He hoped Louis would be just as worshipful of him.

Harry took a quick trip to the washroom to check himself out and make sure his wig wasn't crooked before he went back out into the fray. Harry descended the half staircase to the dance floor and slipped in amongst the other clubgoers. Other people tried to get his attention as he passed - he was, after all, an absolute vision - but he shrugged off their touches and averted his eyes from their hungry gazes.

He found Louis exactly where he'd left him, standing with a couple of people, chatting and drinking on the edge of the dance floor. They were his friends based on how they were standing with him and how little intimacy they showed him, which would make things easier for Harry. He didn't want Louis to be the kind of guy who would want Harry and cheat on his partner, and he would want Harry.

Harry made his way around so he was behind Louis' friends and in his line of vision. Harry danced by himself for a moment while he waited for a pause in Louis' conversation, turning down a couple of people while watching Louis laugh and joke around with his mates. He really was quite beautiful, definitely worth more than a quick fuck but Harry would take what he could get for now.

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