Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Hello, may I help you?" the obviously bored secretary asked as her eyes remained glued to her nail filing.

"Yes, I have an appointment today to see Mr Wayne." Iris said. At that, the secretary froze and looked at Iris, and immediately began to apologize about her behavior. Iris just waved it away, meaning no offense was taken by the secretary. "It is quite alright. If you would direct me where I need to be, it will all be forgotten."

The secretary agreed, not even checking to see if Iris was who she claimed to be and just sent her up the elevator to the executive floor. That secretary needs to learn proper protocols for secuirty. But Iris stopped thinking about the secretary when the elevator doors opened up.

She walked forward to the secretary sitting right between two office doors and in perfect view of the elevator.

"Do you have an appointment?" the secretary asked, her eyes flickering from her appointment book for her bosses and Iris's face.

Iris nodded. "Yes, Iris Potter for 3:30."

The secretary nodded in confirmation, scribbling out Iris's name.

"Come with me, Miss Potter. Mr Wayne is in a brief meeting with Mr Fox at the moment but should be back any minute. Go on in and make yourself comfortable." the secretary said, motioning to the open door beside her, while the other door was closed. Iris, not wanting to stand there awkwardly with the secretary, did as she was told. She stepped in and was awed at the view that was shown through the floor to ceiling windows. Instead of sitting in front of the desk where she was supposed to be, she put her briefcase on the chair and continued to the windows to look out at Gotham. From up here, Gotham was almost peaceful looking.

"Miss Potter?" a deep, male voice spkoe up behind her. Iris jumped slightly as she had been too absorbed in the view. She turned and saw a tall, broad man in a three piece suit with black hair and piercing blue eyes staring at her from the doorway.

"Yes, that's me. I hope that I can assume you are Mr Wayne, correct?" She had walked closer to him, offering her hand for a shake. He took her's in a firm grasp and Iris couldn't help but feel the hidden strength and the calluses most rich men did not have.

"Please, call me Bruce."

"Only if you call me Iris."

"Please, sit." Bruce said, leading her back to his desk and the chairs put in front of them. Iris put her briefcase on her lap when she sat and waited patiently for Bruce to speak. "So, what is this meeting about, Iris? The details were vague in regards to what you wished to speak to me about."

"Yes, they were. You see, I wanted to speak to you in person about this, instead of over the phone and through a secretary." Iris took a deep breath as she saw Bruce's blue gaze pierce her on the spot as he leaned foreward and laced his fingers together and rested his chin on them.

"Bruce, I hated it when people would beat around the bush trying to tell me something so I am just going to be blunt."

"I would appreciate that. You have made me very interested."

Iris took a deep breath and took out the folder from her briefcase that had all of her documentation, all of the proof that what she was saying was real. She put it on the desk in front of him.

"What I am about to tell you may change your life, or it may not. In here is proof to back up what I am about to say." She took another deep breath and held Bruce's gaze, even as he reached for the folder. "I am an orphan, Bruce, and have very few members of family that I actually even label them as such. So, I went to my lawyer and he began searching to see if I have any other family members. It turns out that my grandparents, Charlus and Dorea Potter had two sons instead of the one. They gave the oldest one up for adoption when the baby was barely two. That baby was then adopted by the Wayne family and he became Thomas Wayne, who was your father."

Iris paused as Bruce held up his hand to stop her so that he could read through the documents that she had provided. Besides of a slight stiffening of the shoulders at her annoucment, Bruce hadn't shown her any outward sign of emotion.

They were still sitting in silence a few minutes later when Bruce finished looking through the documents and leaned back in his seat with a sigh, his eyes unreadable as they met Iris's.

"I hope you will understand that I will have to have my lawyers look for these things as well, just to make sure things check out."

Iris immediately agreed. "Oh, yes. I understand completely. And I hope you understand that when your lawyers look, they will find basically the samethings mine did, and that I am not here for money."

Bruce sat forward, he had been thinking she was here asking for money. Afterall, he was a billionaire. "Then what are you here for?"

Iris sighed, stood and walked over to the windows to look out at the city again. She sensed Bruce follow her and stand beside her. "I've just recently divorced from my husband when I caught him cheating with my best friend. I am very famous in England and I am very rich, making reporters and other people interested in my private life. I have four kids, Bruce, and I couldn't subject them into the scandal of their mother catching their father cheating on her with a woman that they have viewed as their aunt for years. So, when I found out that I have a cousin across the pond, I jumped at the chance to get my kids out of there. No one, besides my lawyer, knows that I have a cousin in America, let alone who they are."

Iris had been feeling Bruce's eyes on her the whole time that she talked.

"So, I'm your protection against your ex-husband and reporters?" Bruce asked. "You think the playboy billionaire will be able to keep you out of the spotlight and to be around your children?"

Iris chuckled. "It is not the playboy billionaire I want around my kids. I want the man that adopted Richard Grayson to be around my kids. And besides, most of the reporters and people that will be looking for me won't even think of the possibility that I left the country. When you have everything confirmed, Bruce, and would like to meet my children, we are staying at the Ritz here in Gotham in the penthouse. Good day to you."

Iris turned nodded her head to Bruce and walked out. Bruce watched her go.

"To you as well." He said softly. Bruce couldn't help but be slightly excited at the possibility of having more family. It was just him, Dick, and Alfred at the moment, but if what Iris Potter said, turns out to be true, he will have a cousin and her family to include. He walked over to his desk and began to search for the documents himself, his personal computer in the office having the same type of system as the Batcave.

An hour later, he leaned back and smiled. Iris Potter was his cousin after all. And everything else she had told him checked out.

Bruce picked up his cellphone and dialed Alfred.

"Master Wayne?"

"Alfred, I would like for you and Dick to meet me at the Ritz in half an hour. It seems that we have a few new additions to the family."

Alfred didn't question or show any shock in his voice but the shock Alfred felt was obvious in the pause that Alfred had before responding.

"Very well, Master Wayne. We will be leaving shortly."

Bruce grabbed his jacket and pocketed his phone, keys, and wallet and left his office, locking the door behind him before traveling down to the garage and into his black Lamborghini.

With a purr of the engine, he was off through the streets of Gotham and towards the Ritz. It was time for him to meet the additions to the family. He just hoped that none of them would find out his little side job, especially when he convinced Iris to move into Wayne manor. 

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