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You may have noticed the titles being called SPECIAL?/IDRK lately, and they are part of the story. The only difference is that these chapters or more light, and happy. But the main chapters are mostly sad and depressed.


I bumped into someone, causing all his books to fall.

"I'm so sorry!" Reaching down to pick up the books and papers, I grabbed everything in a hurry.

And then I tried to pick up a piece of paper stuck on the ground, and I just couldn't. Stupid finger nails didn't help me.

When I did pick it up, it was crumpled. (Do you know what I'm talking about?)

Hopefully he didn't notice cause he was also trying to grab everything too. Once I was done, while I was trying to stand up, our heads bonked.

We both fell on the ground, grabbing our foreheads. (What did the floor ever do to you guys to be fell on?)

And printed paper flew all around us.


Hoseok and the mysterious boy clutched their heads in pain.

Mystery boy looked up to see a very flushed Hoseok, looking at the mess they've made.

"Shit!" They chorused at the same time.

Both locked eyes after saying that, and both started laughing, still on the floor. Not even trying to stand up.


"I'm Lee Hyun Woo" He said, while reaching out his hand to pick Hoseok up from the floor.


"Jung Hoseok, you're the talk of the school"

Hoseok finally got a good look at this guy's face, and couldn't help but stare.

"I'll come visit you in the host club sometime" Hyun Woo said, and he walked off, leaving a blushing Hoseok at the scene

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"I'll come visit you in the host club sometime" Hyun Woo said, and he walked off, leaving a blushing Hoseok at the scene.

His walk off looked super cool, until he came rushing back, remembering they dropped everything.

This time, Hyun Woo was the one blushing while gathering his things.

"Bye" They exclaimed, again, at the same time.

"Jesus Christ!"

"We're saying this at the same time"

"I love bananas"


(What am I doing???)

????? POV

How could Hoseok even talk with that piece of trash? (I heard my name being called....do you get it? Cause I'm trash? No? Fine then)

First it was Jungkook, now him? God, you hate me, don't you.

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