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Waking up with bed hair, I started to use Burt's Bees coconut & pear moisturizing lip balm (i am advertising cause they gave me money to say this......jk)

I really like the smell of coconut, but I really hate the taste of it.....*licks lip*...... it doesn't taste like coconut.

Over the bed head hair, I just wore a hat, too lazy to actually do something.
Right when I started walking, I felt a little dizzy, but that might be because I didn't take my medication.

A few moments later.... (in the spongebob voice)

Jungkook grabbed me before I could even say coconut (hoseok: why are you so obsessed with coconuts today?).

He even made me sit at his table full of girls....


I felt this urge to take Hoseok before Tae could....

Because I was acting as a host I asked to Hoseok, "Are you already flushed because you're with me?"... he actually was flushed tho.

He was about to respond, but he just closed his eyes, and he was hot. Not as in hot, but as in hot....what?

I was going to ask the girls is they could leave but they already fainted of nosebleeds from Hoseok 'sleeping' on my lap.

Feeling his forehead, my eyebrow furrowed with concern.

I then took off his hat, and his hair started to stick out cutely...how is that even possible? Only anime characters can make bed hair look good....

*gasp* what if we're in an anime, but we don't know.

Am I the main character?

Can people hear my thoughts?????

I was interrupted with a glare burning a hole through my head...

Turning around, no one seemed out of place. I might have just been imagining it.

???? POV

I knew Hoseok most likely belonged to Jungkook, but I can change his heart. I know I can.

No wait, I can't hurt anybody

I will do anything to get them separated.
Even watching Hoseok sleeping was interesting, but watching Jungkook playing with his hair was just torture.

Please stop, don't start any problems. None of then deserve it.

Jungkook doesn't deserve Hoseok, and Hoseok shouldn't be paying attention to Jungkook.
   He needs to notice me (senpai!)


After hosting hours, Tae was attacking Hoseok by grabbing his leg, and a girl came up to me.

I knew what was going to happen, and I already knew my answer.

"Ummm, c- can I talk to you?"  The girl was really flustered and started to act all shy.

"Sorry, I can't date anybody".  Then something switched in this girl.

"Why? Is it because of that stupid new boy? He's just a mistake!"

" So was your dad's condom," Bam!!! Great comeback Jungkook. I'm so savage, so much swag-, wait.....Yoongi.

He didn't know a certain brown haired boy was listening to the conversation, and he didn't know that this boy finally felt like he was a part of something.


Hoseok was trying to hide a smile when he heard the conversation, but if he laughed, his cover would be blown.

He was walking, a little distracted, until he bumped into someone, causing a lot of books to fall (everything).

Sorry, I'm trying to write, but I feel like I'm really boring you guys.

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