Chapter 1

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I took a big bite of my sandwich and a bit of the mustard came out the edges, oozing onto my fingers.  With a sigh, I set the sandwich down and wiped at my hands with a nearby napkin.

"So, what do you think of the new girl?" Scott asked out of the blue.  I looked up from my sandwich and scanned the lunch room for the new girl Kira.

"I dunno, she's okay I guess" I shrugged "why?"  I picked my sandwich back up, taking another bite, and was glad when it didn't make a mess again.

"I don't know" Scott offered "I just think she's kind of cute is all."  I turned to face him with a quirked eyebrow.

"Really?" I quizzed "I thought you were still upset about the whole Allison situation.  Not that I'm saying you should be."  I set my sandwich back on it's bag and turned my full attention to him.

"I am" he sighed "but maybe it's time that I just excepted that things are over."

"I guess that's probably a good thing" I shrugged "I mean it seems that Allison and Isaac have something going on."

"Oh hell no" Scott snapped.  I let out a brief chuckle at his reaction.

"Cool it Mr. Jealous" I smirked.

"I'm not jealous" Scott grumbled as he stuffed a few chips into his mouth.  I eyed his tensed fist on the table and I knew that he wasn't exactly happy with the whole Allison and Isaac situation.

"Okay, so if you aren't jealous, then why are you getting so worked up about them being together" I offered, and he just turned to me with an annoyed look.

"I'm not getting worked up" he stated sternly "they just don't seem like a good couple, that's all."

"But I thought Isaac was you're friend" I stated.

"He is my friend" Scott assured me.

"And I also thought that even though you two broke up, you still want Allison to be happy" I offered.

"I do" Scott insisted.

"Well to me, it seems that Allison and Isaac are pretty happy together, so what I don't understand is why you think they are such a bad couple" I shrugged.

"I... well I...." he stuttered at a loss for words "I hate you Stiles." 

"Oh don't even go there Scott, we both know that you can't hate me, you love me" I chuckled.  Scott just pursed his lips right before the bell ending lunch rang.  Scott abruptly stood up swinging his bag onto his back and piling up his trash.

"Come on dumbass" he grinned and I just grinned right on back as I grabbed my bag as well, and together we headed off to Chemistry.


After school I started up my jeep and pulled it up to the front entrance to grab Scott.  I sighed as I spotted him chatting up Kira on the front steps.  What's a guy got to do to leave school on time.

"Hey love birds, if you wouldn't mind, I kind of have a lot of homework to finish tonight" I yelled out the passenger side window.  Scott looked up in a daze and I think Kira blushed slightly.

"Hey, you can just go without me" he chanted back "I'll find a ride home, I think I'm going to hang with Kira awhile."  I felt a small frown tug at my lips as I slowly rolled the window up.  Scott always rides with me, especially since he crashed his bike last week and the repairs are too expensive for him to afford.

I drove home in silence as I just glared at the road ahead.  How could he just ditch me like that.  Whatever happened to the hang out at my house we had scheduled today.  Was he just going to skip that too?

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