Forbidden Unseeing Eyes

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“Princess Tessillia Van Skiver, of the Realm of Light.” The Doorman called as I entered the Hall of Elders.

            They have been deliberating none stop for nearly three days. Three nerve-racking days as they fought about my future, and a decision would be made regardless of what I wanted. Whether I was to stay or go into hiding to finish my training. Sending me off seemed smart but where would I go? There was nowhere as safe as the Palace, and They already have shown that they have found a way around all of the protection measures and spells we have had set in place.

            I hope they come up with something soon; my sanity can’t stand this waiting much longer! I thought to myself as I set my gaze upon the wisest men and women in the Realm of Light. They have advised the Kings and Queens of my family for generations. Including my mother and father recently pasted.

            They themselves held all the knowledge and history of our people. But it wasn’t at no cost, or sacrifice. For each of the elders was none more then what some would call a ghost. To hold that much knowledge takes too much time for even our bodies to outlast, or survive the spells to allow our brains to store that much. The body just could not stand it. To become an Elder was to expand your mind and mortality. So the Elders sacrificed their bodies and lives as they knew them, becoming a phantom of sorts to ensure that the past does not repeat itself.

            “We have reached a decision Princess.” Elder Vinson said, my eyes snapping to meet is translucent ones. “It is decided that you are to be sent to the Earth Realm to complete your training.”

            “What! Leave Convidia?” For moment, I was speechless. How could I leave now when my people needed me most?

            “Of course you will be with a full unit of guards. Some of your parents personal guards actually. They are eager to be of use again.” He watched me for a response.

            “With all due respect, how can I leave now? When my people need me the most? They need their Princess and-”

            “They will have their Princess in seven months and three days time when their Princess will have the power to protect them as did their passed King and Queen did with their dying breath.” The stern look he, as well as the rest of the Elders, gave me left zero room for argument. I was leaving period. “You are our future Tessillia, the one that we have been awaiting for centuries, but you are nothing to us but a girl until you turn sixteen. Now you will leave at once with Staclyn, Quinnson, Jennadett, Jasonada, and Donaven. They will be posing as your adoptive parents and siblings.” Vinson said.

            “What of Tessila?” I ask, voice strong so I wouldn’t cry. My little infant sister, not even old enough to know what was happening around her and thank goodness not remember this horrific time. It broke my heart when she awoke at night crying for Mother. She had always comforted Tessila when she awoke at night, now she could no longer. It was up to me to take care of my sister. 

            “The enemy still has no knowledge of your younger sister, she will stay here a full unit guarding her at all times, and Jaclyn and Emma will be her care takers until your return.” I nodded, Jaclyn and Emma were my mother’s most trusted ladies in waiting. Tessila will be in good hands until I returned from Earth.

            “It would be the best for her.” Elder Airabell said walking –floating- up to Vinson’s side, offering a small smile of assurance.

            I couldn’t argue, it was the safest thing for her, even though I would miss her dearly Tessila would be safer than I. I looked back at Elder Vinson and said, “I accept; when do I depart?”

            “Immediately, pack little. Things there will be very different and you will need to blend as much as possible. Good luck to you Princess, we know you will make us proud.” 

            Yeah I wish I thought I same. 

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