"Where is she?" A female voice screeches. I hear whispers but can't make out what they are saying. She locks eyes with me and starts striding towards me. "Who is that?" I ask as she continues my way. "Jax's mate, Jackie." John murmurs. "Oh." I reply. 

I figured Jax would've already found his mate. I knew that as soon as I killed him his mate would feel it ad come to find me. A part of me had hoped that he didn't find his mate. Either way, his mate would be left mateless.  

"You killed Jax?" Jackie asks, tears running down her cheeks.

"I did." I reply.


"Because he challenged me in a human fight. He then changed into his wolf. I did what I had to do, Jackie."

"You could've shown mercy! Maybe he didn't want to get beat by a girl!" She yells, her fists now curled.

"That's not how I do things! If he didn't want to get beat by a girl he shouldn't have shifted into his wolf, causing me to do the same. We're stronger in our wolf forms. He should've known better!" I counter.

"Why would he challenge you? Are you sure you didn't start the damn fight?" 

"Damn you, Jackie! Your mate, Jax, was wrong! He thought this pack didn't need any sort of training but just needed a new Alpha. I said if he could beat me in a fight, then he might have a chance challenging Alpha Alexander. I am not from any Alpha or even Beta blood. My blood is just blood from a being born into a pack. I started my own pack with the help of my Beta, Lance. But yet, Dark Moon is one of the fierce-some packs in the world. Jax wanted a fight, Jackie. A fight I didn't want to be in. He was wrong, and now he has payed the price."

"I hate you. I despise you. I hope you go to hell for taking him away from us. He had a mate, a child, a life, you ripped him away from us. There is a special place in hell for wolves like you, Alpha A." Jackie yells.

Lance lets out a growl from beside of me. 

"He shouldn't have challenged me in a fight if he knew what was at risk. As soon as one of us gave up, the fight would be over. He pushed it over the limits." I snap.

She narrows her eyes at me and storms off. 

"I want her in a room in the pack house, close to the cellars with her child. I want a guard stationed outside a window, then two outside the door. She isn't to leave her room. Make it happen." I say, facing Alexander who nods.

"Let me see you jaw." Lance says.

His fingers brush where I got punched. I wince ever so slightly.

"I can assure you that you're going to live. You aren't going to have any life long injuries, Aub." Lance tells me with a smirk. "Thank the Moon Goddess for that. I am sure it'll be healed by lunch, if not before then." I reply with smile. "Good. Because I hate seeing that beautiful face of yours all bruised up. In fact, I hate seeing you hurt." Lance replies. 

"All right, let's start training!" I yell, facing the wolves, still smiling.


"Aubrey!" Johnathon calls.

"Alpha A to you." I snap back. 

"You're my sister! I am going to call you whatever the hell I want!" 

"No you aren't."

"Whatever. Can we talk?"

"What do you possibly want to talk about?"

"This morning." Johnathon replies, I roll my eyes.

"There's nothing to talk about, John." I reply.

"Yes there is, Aub. You took a life away this morning. Took a mate. A father. A friend. Son. Brother. That's not something you can forget about so easily. I just want to let you know that I am here if you want to talk about it." Johnathon replies, gently grabbing my upper arm so that we're talking face to face.

"I realize that, John. But that isn't the first werewolf that I've killed these past two years. It won't be the last either. And do't go thinking that just because I am back doesn't mean we have the same relatioship. Because we don't. If I want to talk about anything, I'll go to Lance. Because he'll actually understand. Tell me Johnathon, have you ever taken away a life?"

"No. I haven't." John replies back.

"Exactly. Now, please let go of my arm before I make you let go."

Johnathon removes his hand from my arms and runs his fingers through his hair. "There isn't really anything to talk about, Johnathon. The Aubrey that you knew two years ago died when she left this pack. You guys just don't know her yet." I say then walk off, leaving Johnathon.

"Hey." Lance says walking next to me.

"Hey." I reply back as Lance laces his hand through mine, I smile to myself.

"What happens if you find your mate?" I ask, breaking the silence. "My mate rejected me for being Rouge. When I went on trip to another pack I found her. She wanted me because I became a Beta. I rejected her back. She only wanted power, nothing more. Besides, she was sleeping with the Alpha's third in command. You don't have to worry about me finding my mate." Lance replies back. "That's horrible, I am sorry, Lance." I reply. "Don't worry about it. Her rejecting me lead me to you. Alpha Alexander rejecting you lead you to find me. I was pissed at the Moon Goddess for the longest time. She really does have a plan for everyone." Lance replies.

"Yea. I guess Alexander's shitty reason for rejecting me turned into the best thing that ever happened to me." I reply as we continue walking. "It was a shitty reason." Lance agrees, causing me to laugh. 

"Hazel, I want you to know that no matter what happened to both of us, I am glad we found each other. Even though it did cost us great heartbreak." Lance says stopping, taking both of my hands into his. "I can agree with that, Lance. I got the best out of the rejection. I have a pack, wonderful friends, and an amazing boyfriend who I feel like I've been in a relationship much longer than what we actually have been." I reply.

"I can agree with that last statement, Alpha Aubrey." Lance whispers, touching my forehead to his.

"I am glad." I whisper back, now closing my eyes.

"May the Moon Goddess strike me down right now if she doesn't want me to kiss you." Lance says, looking up at the sky.


Thank you Moon Goddess.

Next thing I know, Lance and I are kissing.

"Thank you, Moon Goddess, again." Lance says chuckling once we pull back.

"Yes, thank you. I would hate to find a new Beta, and a new boyfriend of course." I say with a smile.

"You're something else, Aubrey." Lance says, chuckling again before placing his lips back on mine. 



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