Chapter Eight

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"We don't need training. We're perfectly fine. We just need a new Alpha. An Alpha that's got some balls." Someone snarls from the group of trainers. "Who said that?" I snap, my good mood now gone. "Me." A deep voice says, stepping forward. "You say you don't need any training, just a new Alpha. Well let's put that to the test. You and I will fight. If you beat me, challenge Alpha Alexander who is Alpha blood. But if I beat you, you need training." I say, holding me hand out for him to shake. 

"You're the girl who went missing from this pack two years ago. You come back an Alpha. Your family isn't Alpha or Beta blood. How'd you come Alpha?" He questions, still not taking my hand. "It took being a Rouge. It took persistence, fighting, killing, among other things. Now, are we going to fight or not?" I snap. "It'll be easy beating a girl who calls herself 'Alpha'. I mean, no female Rouge would kill someone." He states, thrusting his hand out. Lance lets out a low warning growl beside of me.

"Watch it. You better believe that I've killed others that's gotten in my way or have threaten me. You'll be surprised at what rejection can do to someone." I growl back, shaking his hand.

"Fight until the other one gives. Go." Lance says once Jax and I are ready.

Jax swings first, which I easily doge by ducking underneath his arm. I come up and elbow him in his shoulder blade, causing him to stumble, but not fall. He turns around, eyes now narrowed. I raise my leg quickly and kick him in the stomach, causing Jax to stumble once more. 

"I've had better fights with newbies." I taunt with facts.

Jaz lets out a growl and lifts his foot up, but ends up punching me in the jaw. I smile a swing my arm back, punching Jax in his jaw, all in one swift move. I kick his side then elbow him in the chest. I duck low, grabbing his ankle and standing up, causing him to fall.

"Come on, Jax. Just give up so that I can train." I say, standing up, holding my arm out to help him out. Jax narrows his eyes at me and spits out blood.

Jax shifts into his wolf, which about the same size has Lance, but gray. "Jax, shifting into your wolf while fighting in human form means fighting to the death. This is your one chance to shift back to your human form." I yell, not taking my eyes off of Jax. He merely snarls and snaps his jaw. I take a look around and notice everyone has moved away. Jax lunges at me and I lunge at him, shifting into my wolf as I do so, shredding my clothes for the second time that day. 

I feel Jax's claw scratch my side, cutting into my skin. I let out a low growl, not wanting to kill him. Jax snaps his jaws again. He jumps into the air, leaving is throat clear. I close my eyes as my jaw snatches his throat and I bite down, tasting his blood in my mouth. I let go and turn around, everybody's eyes wide.

Lance strides forward with a pair of clothes in his hand. He gently places it on my back and I go behind a tree, changing into the black pants and the dark red tank top. I come back and see that people are still staring at the motionless Jax, who now lies in his human form, bloody. 

"Do not be mistaken that anyone who challenges either myself or Lance and you change into your wolf form while fighting in a human fight, we will kill and show no mercy. May Jax and I's fight be a warning." I boom, causing everyone to look at me. "You two, do whatever you do with your lost pack members. Be back in twenty minutes though." I state, pointing at two men. They nod and come forward. 

"You killed one of my pack members." Alexander states, shocked.

"He challenged me in a human fight then shifted into his wolf form, meaning to the death. I gave him a chance to sift back, but he didn't. I did what had to be done." I say, not bothering to apologize. "You had to do what you had to do, I get that. It's just, you killed someone without a second thought. The Aubrey that I knew would never ever do that. Or even think about doing that." Alexander replies back. "Yea well, that Aubrey is gone and she's never coming back." I snap. 

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