Chapter 46

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School that Friday had dragged. I’d hardly seen Midge and her friends around unless they were in my lessons for the day, and even then I didn’t talk to them all that much.

Partly because I didn’t want Midge to tell me what had happened when she saw my dad the night before, but also because I was worried that I would annoy Jade and Alex who seemed to latch on to me from the moment I walked into the school building that morning.

They told me that we were going straight to the guys house after school, and were waiting for me enthusiastically at the gates.

As I walked out of the building, they waved at me and I walked over, inside a little annoyed. I had no idea how al would react to the fact that I wasn’t even going home.

As I slowly walked out and over to them, it appeared that they were getting somewhat impatient with me and ended up running to meet me halfway.

“Charles” Alex smiled almost as soon as we were within earshot. “Did you call your mom?”

“Don’t have my phone” I replied elusively as I shrugged. I knew that it would probably make it worse if I didn’t call, but the chances were that I’d only be interrupting things between her and Derrick.

“Use mine” Jade smiled, throwing it straight over. I quickly tried to unlock it as I moved out of the way so that cars could exit the parking lot. As I did, I saw Midge and Suzy driving off.

Suzy didn’t notice me, but Midge did. And all she did was stare straight forward as though we hadn’t seen each other.

I felt bad for everything; because the chances were that the guys had interrogated her about where I was supposed to be going.

“What am I saying again?” I stalled as the phone began to ring.

“You’re coming straight over to mine for something to eat, and then we’re going out.”

I nodded as I dialled the house number on the phone. I knew that, had my dad been there, he wouldn’t have stood for it. But Val, she didn’t seem all that bothered.

In fact, she was so bothered that she didn’t even ask me what time I would get home or where it was that I was actually going. She just hung up.

As we made our way out of the school, I figured that we’d be getting the bus, but instead there was a car parked in the very corner of the parking lot that Jade and Alex seemed to be walking over to. It was pretty weird, actually.

The windows were blacked out and I could quite clearly hear music booming from it. No wonder it had been parked in the very corner.

“This is our ride?” I asked, a little nervously.

“It’s my brother’s friend’s friend’s car” Alex smiled. “It’s going to take us to the party.”

“Already?” I asked a little shocked. “But, we just got out of school.”

“We like to start early” Alex laughed.

“From the looks of things you’d think they were drug dealers or something” I joked, trying to mask my nerves as we approached the car and the engine revved.

Jade and Alex exchanged glances that could only tell me that I had actually been right.

“Just…just don’t repeat that again in front of them” she giggled nervously. “Seriously, don’t.”

Jade opened the door and stood aside to let Alex and I in first.

“Hey Jeremy” she smiled forward as she too got into the car.

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