New Kid

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But anyways, there would be a new kid and he is in all of her classes. So, one day she is opening her locker and grabbing the stuff when she found out that the same new kid in all her classes has his locker right next to her. She thought that he was new and usually new kids don't have friends or don't talk at all but for some reason he had the nerve. He started talking to her in this really confident voice and said "Hi, my name is Williams but you can call me Will." She did know his name because the teacher introduced him in front of the class but his nickname is Will.

So that it didn't seem awkward she said "Hello, nice to meet you Will." In a snap, ever since that day they started hanging out 24/7. This was Olivia first friend since third grade, and when she got the friendship feeling she didn't care about anything around her but Will, not the other students, not grades, not behavior, all she cared about was Will because he was her best friend. Now she understands how it felt to have friends just like those popular kids in the other table, they always hang out with each other like family, talking to each other, trusting each other and laughing together at each others jokes and she have just been blessed with that opportunity.

She got to know that Will just moved from Texas. He was a little nervous about going to school and making friends but the other thing he is nervous about is his glasses. He doesn't know what others will think of him wearing them. But it didn't seem to matter anyways Olivia though, he looks nice and that's what holds his personality. After a month of hanging out inside of school, they decided to meet up outside of school the next day at the park to hang out together. The next day, Olivia took a nap and she woke up sweating, she was dreaming about her running and everything was collapsing behind her and she is trying to reach a door of light before it closes. It seemed that she fell and fell way down into darkness and that's when she woke up.

She felt so dizzy and stinky, she checked what time it was on her phone, 5:30pm, "a shower would be nice" she thought. She went to go take a quick shower, so she grabbed some clothes and threw them on the bed and grabbed the last clean towel in her closet. She walked and turned on the shower and hopped in. After she was done, it was 6:00 pm on a Saturday and her mom was cooking some food which smelled delightful. "Olivia! If you have nothing to do, go to the park and breath some fresh air." Her mother exclaimed. She forgot that she was meeting Will at the park this evening. 10 minutes later she is at the park sitting down on a bench, it was pretty chilly afternoon but it was a beautiful sunset that lit up the whole sky. 

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