Chapter 19

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Louis P.O.V

I was confused. No, more than confused - I was utterly bewildered. Nina made it sound like she knew what we didn't but we could just tell that she had about as much of an idea as we did on the whole situation.

She had explained that she was a close friend of Ben's and they went to University together. He had told her about his studies in hybridology but she had never believed he would actually do it.

A couple of years after they left University, he opened up a lab in South Shields, and experimented many times trying to get the perfect hybrid.

Meanwhile Nina had chosen to return to Ireland and was hosting a small but successful marketing business. The money she raised for herself would last her far over the end of her life.

She found the time at some point to go visit Ben and his lab. Being old friends he allowed her in, but claimed that experiments were getting better but money was tight and he was very wary about who he let in.

"I still remember walking into that room," she had said, "It was like any normal lab, white walls, white floor and several work benches around the side and a couple in the middle however almost impossibly tall. But on the walls were loads and loads of wooden shelves. I daren't even dig up the memory again it was awful." She paused for a bit and continued.

"There were about a hundred large glass cases placed among these shelves. Inside were bodies. No, parts of the body, with different qualities but... They hadn't fully evolved. Some of them were living but you could see how Ben had progressed in this experiment. From the top of the building where there was minor hearts and hands to the nearest cases, containing living people with ears but only half of their body."

Right now I was at a local park, enjoying the fresh air and just going over everything. It struck me that we didn't really know much about this Carol woman.

I know she wasn't a major part of the story but I couldn't help but shake the feeling that she knew more about the whole operation that she was letting on.

As I thought this I plonked myself down on a bench, head in hands, brain in overload.

My head snapped up as I heard a rustling and a girl sat down next to me.

"A penny for your troubles?" she asked, holding out a small bronze coin. I smiled weakly as she folded it into my hand and leant forward to listen.

"I think I'm in overload," I admitted. It sounded a little unimpressive but I couldn't care less.

"I know the feeling," she answered to my surprise. "What's it all about?"

"Well, I have a friend, two actually, who are really special people and because of them another friend has been captured by some kinda bad people and we are planning a break in to rescue her and some more special people who are being treated really badly because of who they are..." I drifted, realising I'd probably said too much.

"By special, do you mean sexuality special or something else entirely?" I was about to reply then I stopped.

"Well, it isn't sexuality or anything like that but I don't actually know their sexuality. Well on of them is straight - or bi at the least but I don't know about the other..."

"Are you homophobic?" She asked.


"Good, cause I'm a lesbian." I stopped. Well that was blunt.


"I just didn't want you to feel to awkward, I get that this conversation was going a little... Sideways..."

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