1st January 2010

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Dear Diary,

I fainted the last time I wrote in you. Its my birthday again and I'm in the hospital. Mummy and Daddy are not here. I don't think they wan't to celebrate my ninth birthday! How long did I stay here? A few months? What happened to me? I can see a big bandage on my leg, but there's no blood anywhere! No wounds, no cuts, nothing! 

Oh no. The doctor is coming. He's saying something to the nurse. He said, "I still can't seem to find out what is wrong with the girl. Her skull was cracked and a knife was stabbed into her brain but still, she's alive. This has to be a miracle, no doubt."

I know what the doctor means. I don't know why, but I think i'm getting smarter now that I'm growing older. :) The nurse is saying something. "Does the girl remember anything? Let's ask her where she's from. Her parents must be worried sick." Now the nurse is coming to me. Hold on a second.


The nurse asked me where I live. I said that it was called 'HELL'  That was what Mummy told me. It's the name of the land my daddy owns. The nurse looked confused and said that there's no such thing, and she mouthed something to the doctor. She frowned at first but later she smiled and asked where are my parents. I said I don't know.  Then the nurse smiled again and said I must sleep. Then she went outside with the doctor. I heard the doctor and nurse arguing.

"Liz, it spells Hell. She might be the murderer! She might be the one the police are looking for!" said the doctor. 

"Do you know what they will do when they find her? Dr. Denkins! The police are trying to track this girl down and might even kill her! That girl is INNOCENT! I really shouldn't be shouting at you, Doctor, but I feel like reporting this girl is really unfair!" said the nurse, maybe her name is Liz.

I'm really confused. Who was going to kill me??? :(

Anyway, I'd better get some sleep and I can think tomorrow.


Evelyn Sapphire.

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