This a fifth harmony (camren) story. And based on a movie called my babysitters a vampire:)

Hope you like itttt!!!!!!!!!

Camila pov.

I was in my room when a ringing was coming from my computer I opened it and ally was on it "hey ally" I said not knowing she had Skype on her computer. "Hey camila, are you working on that project for English, yet"she said looking on my bed.

"And I'm coming over for a sleepover"she said back

"Ok, but I hope my mom is not going to another party with my dad because I'd have to watch sofi"I said

"I'll come over at 6, ok"she closed her computer off.

It wss already 5:30 as I started to finish cleaning my room.after I cleaned it I came down stairs and my mom and dad were getting ready to go on a date.

"Camila, you have to watch sofi and put to bed at 8."she said turning to the door.

"Ok, and can ally and I have a sleepover tonight"

Yes, and be sure to watch your sister, please, love you"she ran out the door.

"Love you to I was already came early and we started watching movies.

"Hey, mila can I watch twilight"said sofia

I let her watch it.I dont why everyone loves twilight. Its not that interesting to me so me and ally went up stairs to help with my project.

"Ally what do you think"I said showing her my project.

"It looks great"she said

We worked on getting her thing ready for the sleepover.

I was pretty sure sofia would be okay down stairs, she was watching twilight after all.

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