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I woke up in KJs arms, I don't know how we got in his bed and how am I wearing his shirt. To be honest I don't remember anything, I just remember seeing KJ with Zamika. As I went to grab my phone my wrist stung, I glanced down at my wrist "SHIT" I mumbled. I shook KJ "wake up!" "hmmmmm" "what the fuck happened last night." He rose up in bed with a puzzled look, "you don't remember huh" "no I just remember seeing you with that bitch" I snapped back while getting up out the bed. "Uh Ally chill, you just cut yourself ok" how can he say that shit like it's normal. "Yeah cause you probably fucked your little bitch" "man no I didn't she sucked my dick I'm going to sleep." This nigga lost his mind for real no he did not say that shit like it was ok. "Oh for real, who the fuck was there when you was shot up layed in a hospital bed when you was at your lowest low not that bitch!" "AND I WAS FUCKING HERE WHEN YOU CUT YOUR WRIST TALKING ABOUT MY DEAD SON MAN I DONT WANT TO HEAR THIS SHIT!" KJ said while pushing me out the door way and storming downstairs. "Bastard" I didn't think he heard me until he came back into the room. "What did you say to me" "you heard me!" I turned away from him about to get my phone, he grabbed my arm "you going to stop disrespecting me one more time so help me go....." "What KJ you gonna beat my ass fuck me up go ahead I want you to" "your pathetic Ally" "and so are you" I said with hate in my voice, he let me go and told me to get my shit he was taking me home, I was glad I had no problem this is it for me and KJ I'm to old for this with the same nigga.

The car ride was so silent until my phone rang it was Frank what he want man. "Hello" "Ally Jayceon is here" I can hear him smiling through the phone. "WHAT this early !?" "Yes he is healthy he is in the pre mature room though hey you and KJ come through." I breathed hard "I'll see what I can do" I then hung up with Frank. "May you take me to the hospital my nephew is here now and I want to see him" "yeah whatever." We started on our way to the hospital I'm happy KJ is quiet I can't deal with him right now or shit even ever. We pulled up to the hospital and KJ unbuckled his seat belt. "Uhm where you going" "to see Jayceon where else" "no you can go back home" "I'm not going to do that" "why won't you just leave me the fuck alone I'm pathetic right" "I am too and I'm a bastard we can be pathetic together." Why he always do that, when I'm mad at him he want to be my friend and try to make things better the damage is done. "KJ that was the last time I allow you to hurt me, you can't keep doing that and try to come back in my life like ain't shit happen" "what happened to chances" "chances ?! you ruined those when I had to fight for your love, when you let that bitch suck your dick, when you brought up our dead son and me cutting myself as if that's ok" "your right it's not ok but I know we are for each other" "KJ this is it for us I'm working on me, bye I'm going to see my nephew and they told me loving KJ would me easy" I gave him a smirk kissed him one last time and walked out his car leaving him in the past looking back seeing him in shock, but now I walk to my future, my nephew head up middle finger higher.

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