Chapter 84

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Hailie fell into her hammock face down. She desperately wanted to sleep but with Gordon unable to cook and Eli, the Captain, Shen and Celeste unable to help sail the ship, whether because of injury or an increased workload, Hailie had to help pick up the slack. Her arms felt like they were going to fall off.

"Sorry, Hailie. I would help you if I could," Gordon said. He was sitting at one of the tables playing cards with Tom and Dylan. It was Lilly's turn in the nest. It was his right arm that had been broken.

"It is just because I have not done this much work in a while," Hailie said. She'd gotten too used to the easy life she'd been given on board the ship. A few weeks ago, this workload wouldn't have been anything out of the ordinary.

"It's only for a little while," he said.

"Let her work," Dylan said. "All she's been doing since she came is hanging out with Eli and getting into trouble."

There was the sound of someone being smacked upside the head.

"Don't be rude," Gordon said. "Hailie was too injured to do anything anyway."

Hailie rolled over and sat up. "No. He is right. I should have been doing more since I came. I have been too lazy." She stretched her right arm and moved her left shoulder around. It was already feeling much stronger than a week before. "I am going outside to smoke." She paused. "I do not do that anymore. I still have not gotten used to it." She was craving a cigarette. Hopefully the fresh air would help.

The salty sea air was welcomed on her face. The kitchen had been hot. She wondered how Gordon stood the heat, then remembered that she used to work in kitchens, and that she'd gotten used to it after a while.

Hailie stretched again, still trying to wake up. She desperately wanted to take a nap but it was almost time for her to start on lunch. She looked around. The ship had suffered some minor damage from the attacks. The rail on the left side of the ship was almost completely gone.

Indira, Zigzag and Roberto were keeping the ship sailing but she didn't see Kendra. She hadn't seen Kendra since Eli had blown up the day before about them not waking him during the attack. Kendra had waited until he had finished and then told him to stop being an idiot and go to his room, which he didn't do, resulting in her overpowering him and dragging him back there. Hailie was certain that she could expect a full-on fight between the two of them if this kept up. Eli hadn't taken to being dragged to his room very well. The only reason that Kendra had been able to do that so easily was because of his injuries, and even then Eli had managed to land a few hits before she had her arm around his neck. One tired and the other injured and they'd still had a physical fight. They were both pirates for sure.

The door to the Captain's cabin was slightly propped open. Hailie took a few steps closer and peaked inside. She hadn't seen the Captain since the day he'd fought Winston. Food had been taken up to his room every time.

"Stop lurking at the door and come in," he said.

Hailie pushed open the door and stepped inside. Sunny immediately flew over to her and landed on her head. The Captain was sitting in a chair beside his bed reading a book. Kendra laid sleeping on the bed. The windows were opened.

"How is your arm?" Hailie asked, looking down at his stub and feeling a pang of guilt. She shouldn't have left the ship in the first place. Then none of that would have happened.

He raised it up for her to see. "Many pirates lose a limb during the course of their career. It was just my time." He marked the page and closed the book, then looked up at her. "Where's Eli?"

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