19- R.E.D.

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Percy's PoV:

I teleported to the said Hoover Dam to be stuck in the middle of a crowd of tourists. I felt a very bad feeling and just then I heard a scream. All the tourists around me looked at where the scream came from but I wasted no time and ran in that direction. I stopped when I saw a red haired girl being cornered by five thin gray-skin-colored guys and a buff professor guy riding a ginger colored kitty. Surprisingly, there were no people. I was going to give a comment right when the kitty flickered and for a second I saw a lion but it turned back to normal. I knitted my eyebrows and focused on each one of them to see a Manticore, Nemean Lion and five Spartoi and I realized that it was the Mist. I didn't know how I managed to identify them correctly but their names just came to me naturally. The Manticore got off the lion and walked towards the girl but before I could take a step forward, the Nemean Lion sniffed the air and turned to me. For a second it just stayed still as if it was debating on approaching me or not but then it started to take small steps forward.

Just as it was going to open its mouth to roar, I heard a voice of a woman inside my head. "Aim at its mouth..." The voice sounded ancient and like it was sleepy. Since I had no other idea, I sent a ball of fire straight into its mouth causing it to disintegrate but its coat remained. I was going to wonder why most of the monsters I encountered had to be defeated through hurting its mouth but the Spartoi started approaching me. The Manticore turned to take a look at me and just sneered.

"Look who's here." Then, he turned back to the girl. "What do you say if we'll leave that brat to them and go somewhere nice?" I gritted my teeth. The Spartoi charged at me but I just clapped my hands and the earth swallowed them. Then I took out Riptide and before anyone could blink, the sword was already in the Manticore's body and it disintegrated. I took a deep breath and held out my left hand where the coat of the Nemean Lion appeared in a second and with my right hand I took Riptide. I wore it and looked at the red haired girl.

"Are you okay?" She nodded her head.

"What happened just now?" She looked so shaken. "And is that a real sword? Or is it just the world's largest toothpick?" I looked at Riptide.

"Does this even look like..." I was cut short when I felt my left pocket burn. I immediately got out the things in my pocket which was the scroll and figurine.

The scroll was so hot that if I were not blessed by Hestia, my hand would've burned. I kept the figurine back in my pocket and opened the scroll. The red haired girl tried to take a peek but I pushed her face out of the way causing her to huff. My eyes widened when I saw the initials 'R.E.D.' glow and disarrange to form an arrow pointing to the top of the scroll. And then I realized that it was pointing at the girl.

"Uhm... May I ask what your name is?" I asked her causing her to get surprised because of my sudden change in topic.

"Rachel Elizabeth Dare." She said.

"R. E. D.... So it is you." I started thinking. "Do you want something to eat? Cause I need to talk to you. So... Where is the dam snack bar?" I stopped for a moment. Dam snack bar? A small smile started to creep into my face but I tried to stop it.

"Why are you smiling?" She crossed her arms.

"Nothing. Let's just get some dam food and talk." I smiled. I pushed her going to the nearest snack bar. We ordered 2 hotdogs. I checked my pockets for my wallet but I couldn't find it, so I smiled sheepishly at Rachel.

"Fine!" She paid the lady and we started to walk going to the dam.

"Thanks Rachel." She just looked at me with an expressionless face and continued to nibble on her hotdog. Just when I was going to take a bite of my hotdog, the scroll burned again. I opened it to see the greek letter, Δ, glowing. Just then the scroll started vibrating. My eyes widened. "So, uhm, Rachel... Will you please grab my hand?" I threw my hand to her and she grabbed it just as the scroll rocketed off, dragging me and Rachel along.

It was almost as if it was a hairpin being attracted to a magnet. Well, my comparison turned out to be right because two giant statues of winged guys were the two magnet ends. Thankfully, the impact was not enough to kill us, or rather, kill Rachel, cause you know, I'm immortal. There were tourists around the statues who were rubbing the statues' feet and when we appeared they backed away and looked at us in surprise. I just smiled sheepishly at them and looked at the scroll.

"Uh, whatever you name is, what is that thing?!" Rachel shouted at me, making me look at her before I even took a good look at the scroll.

"First of all, I'm Percy Jackson, nice to meet you. Second, it's a scroll as you can see." I looked back at the scroll just in time to see the greek letter transform into an arrow pointing at one of the feet of a statue. Just when I looked at the foot, the greek letter appeared glowing bright blue. I looked back at the scroll to find the words 'Mount Tamalpais'. I looked around to find all the tourists gone. "What happened to the tourists?" I asked Rachel.

"They all just walked away." I raised an eyebrow.

"Okay then." I went nearer to the foot of the statue and touched the glowing greek letter. A door opened leading to a dark passageway. I looked back at Rachel. "What do you say if we go in?"

"What? Why? And why do I need to accompany you, we just met!" I sighed.

"You have too many questions you know. All I know is that I'll need your help in saving someone. Besides, there would be many adventures and it would be fun." I smiled. She raised an eyebrow.

"Okay fine." Then she got out a blue hairbrush. She managed to make herself look intimidating with such a small thing like that. "Let's go in." I shrugged and we entered the dark passageway.

Word Count: 1130 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: February 11, 2017
A/N: Hi guys. I bring to you another chapter before Valentines. Yeah I updated to cheer up the people who are depressed about not having a valentine with the dam joke. C'mon you're not the only one single in this planet. Anyways... I lack sleep so much but I did my best to update. I'll try to update again soon but, as usual, no promises. Until the next chapter, bye!

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