Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

They arrived in Gotham City and the first thing Iris noticed when she was waiting for the cab that guest relations had been kind enough to call for her and her children, was that it was dark and dreary. She involintarily shivered and made sure the two eldest did not wonder more than two feet from her.

"You two stay near me until we get to the hotel, alright?"

"Yes, Mommy," Teddy said softly, the two of them having also felt the darkness that almost blanketed the city.

Just then, a cab pulled up to the curb and a middle aged, big bellied man with a kind smile stepped out.

"Hello! Are you Iris Potter?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well, it's good to meet you, Miss Potter. My name is Tony and I'll be taking you to wherever you need to go in Gotham today."

"Good. My family and I are staying at The Ritz."

"Ah! I haven't had to take someone to The Ritz in months! Not since Miss Prince came to town for the Wayne Foundation Gala. Well, hop in and I'll get you there in a jiffy."


Iris sighed as she opened her penthouse suite and let the kids roam free. She shut the door behind her and looked at the clock on the wall. 3:00 pm. The average end of work day was 5 pm so Iris figured she should head over to Wayne Enterprises as soon as possible to get this over with. Luckily, The Ritz was only a couple blocks away so it wouldn't take her long to get there. But there was the matter of the children...

"Bilbo!" Iris called out for the house elf. There was a pop!

"Mistress called for Bilbo?"

"Yes, I did. Do you think you can watch the little ones for me while I go take care of some business?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress, I do! You go! I stay!" Bilbo squeaked out in excitment before going to find his charges.

"Bye, loves! I'll be back in an hour!" Iris called. The only thing she heard back were giggles and squeals when the children realized their favorite house elf was there.

She smiled and took the proof that she was related to Bruce out of her bag, the muggle proof that had birth certificates and hospital records that would convince someone like Bruce Wayne that she was telling the truth. She transfigured her passport into a briefcase and put the papers inside of it. She then changed her clothes with a flick of her wand and she was ready to go.

Iris took a deep breath and closed the hotel room door behind her, knowing that Bilbo would protect her loves with his life. She was off to see the cousin, wonderful cousin of Gotham.

 She was off to see the cousin, wonderful cousin of Gotham

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