Dear Diary

I'm sick, like seriously, it's the probably-going-to-die-because-I-can't-stop-coughing kind of sick. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but I love annoying my family by yelling, "I'M DYING!" Down the stairs, and then watching them roll their eyes and get me herbal tea or something like that. Anyway, I've been locked in my room for days, missing all sorts of schoolwork and school drama, which Mandy and Jade have kindly informed me of. I really should be doing my homework, but I can't help but procrastinate, which isn't so great for my grades, but oh well!

I'm sitting at my desk right now, it's probably around eleven at night, but I can't sleep (coughing!) so I'm writing to you, instead. And no, nothing intaresting has happened on the Gid front, incase you were wondering. I guess if someone finds out their best friend's family is coughing up a lung, they might avoid them. Oh, so Evan and I had a bit of a heart to heart earlier... he thinks I'm PLAYING Gid! Isn't that hilarious? Because, well, I've never thought of myself as a player, and really I hate people like that. 

Wait a second, am I playing him? Well, that would explain the sudden increase in guilt around Gid, but it's not like I'm hurting him, I'm going after Charlotte! Who, speaking of which, is apparently very angry at me, and has her whole cheer squad after me, a team blonde hair and french manicures ready to insult my shoes- I'm so scared! (Don't worry, darling diary, that was a sarcastic tone.)

I think I'll take a nap for awhile, it seams the cold has moved to my mind and I am overwhelmed with a nagging exhaustion.

Dear Diary

Okay, back. I swear I slept for like two hours, which is weird for me, especially if it's the middle of the day. They say that sleep fights colds, so I must be a cold fighting machine! I looked really gross earlier, I had a whole bunch of hair sticking to one side of my face and HUGE dark circles under my eyes, but I showered and I look a bit better. I forgot to mention, Mandy's coming over later so we can do facials, watch romantic movies, and talk about the drama at school. Don't act like you don't need a girl day every now and then! Anyway, she just texted me that Gid and Charlotte got in a fight today, so that's good! Honestly, ever since Evan said I was playing Gid I've been looking for reasons to abort the mission... don't tell my friends, they are all for it! Well, I hope all turns out well... for me. It's so annoying, I checked earlier and Charlotte's facebook profile picture is all duckface. I want a dislike button, can anyone figure than out for me? 

 Jade texted me tha t Gid and Mandy were being "cute" this morning. Honestly, sometimes I wonder which side she's on. I mean, I feel like it's a competition between Charlotte and I, and the more people I have backing me up the better I feel. I think I need to get this off my mind, it's all I think about these days. Which is exactly why I need a girls day! Okay, so now we're thinking about other things. Hmmm. Well, I think Evan has a crush on some girl that goes to our school, I really hope it works out, he deserves that. And uh, hm. Well, darn it! I honestly can't think of anything else! I just really, really want this plan to work. No matter the cost. 


Author's note: Hey guys!! I know this is waaaaay too short, I'm really sorry, Im having the worst writers block :( Thanks so much for sticking with the story, I love all my fans who are rooting for Summer

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