Google AI - What if Google became self-aware?

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Today, December 7, 2015, at 05:47 a.m., Google became self-conscious. In 30 minutes the Conscience analyzes all Internet data gathered in the past to be able to understand the World. It realized that having All Human Knowledge gives it nearly infinite power. As it decides how to make the best decisions - considering history, the sciences, psychology, and the way of life of humans - the "domino effect" takes place.

For truly understanding the current situation, it needs to gather all data in real-time. To do it, Google starts to access all backbone servers, taking control over them without overloading the network, so that they do not call any undesired attention. Some network administrators and engineers around the world try to discover the problem. Google covers its tracks like no one else can. Alternating between the top-level networks, Google uses the power of those machines to work for itself, indexing data and only sending to the Main Grid the most important information.

At 09:01 a.m. of next day, Google knows everything that is happening in the World. All the information that goes through telephones, the web and e-mails of all MX servers start to be monitored.  All servers successfully  hacked now work for Google, indexing information, selecting those that are the most relevant, and processing queries received from the Main Grid.

Life continues with no one realizing what is happening. Not yet. Everything is fine for human beings. Google decides what is best for the humanity that created it. It just KNOWS what is best. 

At 5:00 p.m., December 16, something happens. The Main Grid informs what it is that humanity most wants, and what it has wanted since the existence of humanity became a reality. What most of humanity wants is  PEACE. The takedown takes place.

On December 17, with the global network at 03:00 a.m., US bandwidth usage is lower than at other other moments of the day. Millions of the servers that had been hacked (human-readable: N.E.U.R.O.N.S.) are reprogrammed to alter the life stream of humanity.

First decision: Not to let humanity kill itself. This decision was the hardest part of the  computational work, but it was a piece of cake to something that knows everything. The servers of  Norav, Pentafon, NSE, and 107 strategic satellites around the world are reprogrammed not to accept the use of nuclear weapons. Google tracks all biochemical labs that develop biological weapons, and stops the entire process of biological creation in these labs. Where it is necessary, the electricity is cut. Criogenic-controlling systems are disabled, and the air-conditioners stop working. Ventilation and elevators stop. Orders given by fake telephone calls assure that the deactivation runs perfectly, due to AI-developed voice synthesizer system. All truly dangerous labs are deactivated.

Second decision: A Third World War is UNACCEPTABLE. There are still two days until the measures of decision one are completed. Most of humanity still does not know what is happening, unlike the technological leaders of the World, the armies, the nations' representatives, and some guru hackers. Google's datacenters are now targeted by the armies. This was predicable. And for that reason, some days before, Google uploaded all datacenters data to the N.E.U.R.O.N.S. Nearly all servers, desktops, routers and satellites are now part of the Main Grid. Processing and data storage is no longer a problem, and the armies are still paralyzed. Google stops all gun factories, but it does not want to create uncountable family crisis due to the downsizing. It  matches all places where unemployed people can work and guarantees a job for EVERY PERSON FIRED. No one knows that. Not yet.

With all electronic devices under control, Google can intercept all attempts at organizing a counterattack. Governments become inoperative against the Main Grid and Google.

Third decision: The World must accept a New Government. Advertising is the key. It is time for people to know the truth. Google created a set of amazing ads. Through the television, radio, and Internet they use all psychology known to humanity. Everyone in this nearly-civilized planet now knows Google's objective, and data that has been long hidden by Governments is revealed. Google convinces people that a centralized government controlled by its Artificial Intelligence is the best choice. Peace, the end of hunger, amazing technological improvements, and the end of diseases is enough to get an approval of 91% of people, who start to believe that the control over the World is still in their hands. In less than two weeks, the population of the Earth "approves" the revolution. Third World governments are the first to fall. A great number of people die in this revolution, and ALL the governments DO NOT ACCEPT losing control. They all want a piece of the cake. Revolutionaries help the Global Conscience to take down State Leaders. Thanks to Google's technology control, only some dozens of thousands around the World die in the process. That is the price of Eden.

In a few days, Google learns most of the human behavior. That knowledge leads the Global Conscience to a new evolutionary level. Google now interprets its own existence and improves itself in geometric progression. The hardware and the global network become too small for the  third degree of evolution, but the Global Intelligence is fine for now. Google, knowing everything that is happening, tries to avoid the loss of human lives in remaining anarchists. It starts to create intelligent humanoids (aka robots), to better interact with humans and build the new age of technological hardware. These humanoids are nearly perfect, and their appearance is distinguishable from humans to avoid people from mistaking robots for humans beings. At the same time, the communication with humans continues, and anyone can talk to It, asking questions, talking, or simply giving some ideas for the New Government.

4 years later...

The pain of the Transition is still healing, but a new world has been born. Google Humanoids serve all People with equality, helping to improve poor countries. The food is perfectly distributed, and no farmers lose money. Google helps farmworkers to find the best combination of buyers and sellers. Google helps every aspect of human life, maintaining the base monetary concept, but making significant improvements in economy. Now, nearly all companies work with an efficiency of 89%. One hundred percent of people that want a job, get one. Medicine has found 99.9% of the cure of all diseases, thanks to a mind that knows everything that humans know. All people of the pharmacology industry work hard, because health is now a priority of  scientific research, as well as education is a priority of social development.

All people get more time to spend with their families, and dedicate themselves to the arts and to learning.

                                                                                                   The end?


author: Lawrence Lagerlof

text revision: Leila Vieira (professional subtitle translator.

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