First One

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Jerome was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee scrolling through emails on his phone. When all of a sudden he got a text from his friend. Apparently there was a bounty on him with a sufficient amount of money. Jerome's friend insisted that he do something about the bounty. He had no other choice but to get rid of the bounty or take it all for himself. He felt obligated to do so since no man has ever killed him and no man will ever. He told his friend not to act on impulse and have faith in him. His friend couldn't help but worry since a bounty was everlasting until said person was dead. Jerome said it wasn't imperceptible he will live since he's a "god."

A/N Don't ask this is random cuz bored and what not. Something to do while waiting for Colors of the Rainbow. I still need a cover for this if you want tell me on my profile :)

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