Chapter 1

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Spyder Onyx stood in the shaded doorway of the coffee shop sipping his coffee as he watched people pass him by. He'd been coming here every day this week hoping to catch sight of the girl he'd seen twice last week.

Maybe it was a bit stalkerish, but there was just something about her that made his heart pound and took his breath away. This was something not many girls could do to him. Not since...well, not in a long time.

He turned slightly as he caught sight of her further down the sidewalk. Watching her as she moved closer, he took in her appearance. Her hair was a wispy white blonde with odd blue tips, yet it seemed to suit her. She had a pixie shaped face with plump pink lips, and he also knew she had the most expressive blue eyes that drew a man in. They made him want to take hold of her and never let her go.

Today, she was wearing a skirt that that fluttered around her legs with every gentle sway of her hips. She was so tiny and delicate looking that it made Spyder want to protect her. Although, he hadn't gotten the courage to speak to her, yet.

He didn't know what it was about her that made him feel this way about her. All he knew was that he did and had been feeling this way since the first time he saw her.

He'd first noticed her two weeks ago, she was standing behind the register of the little store on the corner, laughing at something the customer in front of her said.

Then, a couple of days later, he'd seen her walking, and he assumed she was heading home from work.

Sadly, he had also noticed the two obnoxious guys who liked to whistle at her. The whistling he could have taken in stride, maybe, if it wasn't for the fact that he felt strangely possessive over her. The comments they would yell as they sat on the hood of their car though? No, he didn't like those at all, as they tended to be slightly crude and not the way any woman should be spoken to.

Today they were at it again, only this time they'd moved onto the sidewalk.

Today they moved in front of her, making her stop while they leered at her.

Today they were trying to touch her, making her jerk backwards away from them.

"Leave me alone, please," she said as she tried to go around the two men.

"Aw...don't be that way sweetheart," the first guy, a blond with a fake looking pout, said. "We just don't like you ignoring us every day."

"Then stop talking to me," she countered in an annoyed voice.

"I don't like the way she said that, Lee," the second guy, a brunette, said.

"You're right Mark. It wasn't very polite of her was it," Lee said with a smirk now on his face. "We've never been anything but nice. We give her compliments and such every day when we see her."

"Well, if this is how we're going to be rewarded, I'm through being nice to her. I say we take what we want," Mark, said with a nod of his head.

Then both the men turned to smirk at her.

Then they began to move forward. This had her once more backing up toward the wall of the building behind her.

Spyder had seen enough and was beginning to feel a fit of anger burning within his gut.

So, he stepped away from the wall he'd been casually leaning against and threw his coffee cup in the garbage can. Today, they'd stepped way over the line and had gone too far. They were tormenting her, and he didn't like it! Women were meant to be treasured, not tormented!

He didn't know the two of them, exactly, but he'd seen them around enough to know they were trouble. He knew they liked to hang around with a man who called himself J. J was a known drug dealer, which meant these two men could be all kinds of trouble. It was the kind of trouble he wanted to protect this beautiful girl, who'd caught his eye, from.

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