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Chapter 1-Passing Notes

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It was a cool autumn day in New York. I had just left my afternoon classes from the college to head home and get a quick jump to do some homework before I could watch some TV. My small apartment was on the corner of 5th and Broadway. Normally I take the stairs but to save time, I took the elevator. As soon as I walked into the elevator, I was greeted by my neighbor Joseph who also works at the university I attend. "Did you have a good day today, Christine?" asked Joseph. "Yes, I did. Class was fun. We spoke about the upcoming election. Honestly, I'm with her." We both chuckled. As the elevator stopped on the 4th floor, Joseph handed me a small greeting card that had my name with beautiful penmanship and a wax seal with the letter P on the seal. "A man wearing all black gave me this to hand to you, he said it was of the utmost importance that you read it before you enter your apartment. Be careful, he looked suspicious." Joseph replied. I looked at both Joseph and the note, wondering if this was a joke being played on me

The masked man stood in the stairwell, waiting for his love to return home. His heart is racing erratically as he waited for her to approach him. He had long waited for her for almost 100 years. She was taken from him and he would make sure that he would take her for himself. 

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