Triple Date and Trouble pt.2

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Menma was eating his food angryly since he was sculd at by his own brother who wasnt so pleased about lying about there traditional bonding between mates.

Naruto was now sitting beside sasuke as they secretly held hands under the table as they all wre talking about alot of random things and some things that both naruto and sasuke did not want there brothers to share.

"What come on sasuke I'm pretty sure naruto would love to hear about it" Sasukie says smirking "sasukie I can blackmale you any day so I'd shut up if I was you" Sasuke threatened as his brother, did what he was told "Naruto go a head and tell sasuke im sure he wouldnt laugh at you even if you aren't mates" menma says earning a glare from naruto which didnt scare him "shut up menma" Naruto growled but Kyuubi glared at menma but that scared him half to death.

"hey Im going to the bathroom ok" Naruto says getting up "ya me to" Menma says getting up as the two got up and left together.'

Sasuke sighed as he leaned back a little "hey sasuke what's wrong" Sasukie says as he looked at his twin brother who looked away "non of your buisness" sasuke says. Leaning in his chair as he let's his thoughts go wild for once "Itachi" sasukie asked as, his older brother looked over at him "what is it Sasukie" Itachi asked while kyuubi leaned on the uchiha as he was full.

"I know I might seem nosiey but can you please tell me what's going on" Sasukie asks "no what ever that is going on in Sasuke's mind is no of my consern" Itachi says looking away from his younger brother.

Soon Naruto and Menma came back and sat down "took you long enough" Sasukie says while menma rolled his eyes and playfully punched the Raven beside him "shut you" he says.

Sasuke looked at naruto as a slight smile appeared on his face for a second.

But than after about two hours of more socializing they were interupted by 3 sertian people.


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