Calm The Fire: 15

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Quietly murmuring in her sleep, Náriel frowned lightly and turned and curled more into the pillow she was laying against. Lifting a hand she swatted at her cheek, there was something tickling her. Even in her sleep she let out a quiet tired laugh when the feeling moved to her neck.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she slowly opened them and looked up. “What sort of way is that to wake someone up?”

“It worked, did it not?” Thorin countered while readjusting his leaning position against his hand. His other one slowly traced along her jaw.

Náriel just looked at him blankly before slowly rubbing her eyes, trying to rid them of sleep. Frowning lightly she looked around. “When exactly did I fall asleep?” It was an obvious question which just moved to the forefront of her mind. She hadn't remembered falling asleep. She remembered talking, watching the rain...then nothing.

Thorin rolled his eyes. “Somewhere between you trying to figure out a way to bring the subject of our courtship up in a conversation with your uncle. And then the sudden realization that you couldn't just bring it up casually. That is when you went to sleep. You looked most disheartened I must add.”

Náriel nodded slowly and rolled onto her back. She looked to the ceiling, placing her hands over her stomach she frowned. “I went to sleep because of my defeat.”

“Perhaps you are thinking too much on this matter.”

Náriel raised an eyebrow and looked up at him. Smiling she reached up, her hand was suddenly lightly grasped onto, “Perhaps you are right, oh wise Prince.”

“Perhaps I am.” He said sounding rather proud. Bringing her hand up, he kissed her knuckles gently. “Getting away from this subject, because I can see it's worrying you all over again; the rain has stopped.”

Náriel looked to the window. Sure enough, the hard rain which was pelting against the glass had disappeared. There were still tracks though where the drops had been. Though the rain had stopped, it still didn't look particularly nice outside. There were still dark clouds hanging heavy in the sky. Náriel frowned at this, it was clear it was going to rain again.

“We must leave?”

“We've not been asked to leave yet.” Thorin answered, “I'm sure the innkeeper knows we've dropped off to sleep.”

“You do realize if you or I were any one else she'd have barged in here demanding us to leave?”

“I know,” Thorin smiled and sat up. Stretching his arms out in front of him he looked over his shoulder. Náriel had taken to laying with her eyes shut again. “You can't go back to sleep. Once we are back in the mountain, then yes sure. Right here again? No. Come, up you get.”

“I don't want to.” Náriel said childishly while letting out a quiet huff and crossing her arms over her chest firmly. Her serious disposition ebbed away though and she was soon laughing and trying to wriggle out of his arms. “Thorin, stop it!” She laughed while trying to swat his hands away. He had tried to pick her up, only he seemed to result in accidentally tickling her.

Raising an eyebrow he stopped trying to move her, Náriel caught her breath and playfully reached up to hit him on the shoulder. “There are other ways to move someone.” She commented quietly. Getting her breathing back under control, she let out a sigh and nodded slowly. Opening her eyes she looked up at him. Tilting her head to the side she shook her head slowly, “No, no...” she held her hands in front of her for defence. Laughing again she failed to get out of his arms again. His hold was gentle, but strong like iron. There was no way she was getting away.

“You're doing this on purpose now!” She exclaimed while trying to swat and push him away again. The strength behind her attempts at defending herself were weak. All her attention and energy were going towards laughing and wriggling.

“Please stop,” she said breathlessly while putting her hands on his shoulders and pushing him back. “I can't breath, I honestly can't.” He relented, which caused her to let out a relieved sound, only to turn that relieved sound into a content sigh when his lips pressed against hers. She moved her hands up from his shoulders and tangled her fingers slowly in his hair. It was pointless to try and stop him now. Náriel wasn't weak against many things, tactics of an emotional level that is. But she had quickly discovered that Thorin, and all he does, and him in general, was one main thing she was weak against.

His hands slowly ran down her sides as she fidgeted into the pillows behind her, she pulled him closer, the kiss they were caught in slowed and deepened, trying to not get too lost in the moment Thorin pulled away.

She tilted her head to the side and smiled up at him. “Quite the predicament we have here,” she said quietly albeit extremely breathless. After all she hadn't regained her breath from being tickled until he had promptly kissed her.

“Hm,” Thorin hummed thoughtfully while tracing a finger down her cheek. “Yes, but not an accidental, unwanted predicament.” He said quietly while leaning down again.

Náriel put a finger to his lips. “You are a most ridiculous Dwarf. Come, if I remember rightly it was you who moments ago was hinting at returning to the mountain.” She commented with a smile. “We should return, in case the rain returns.” She stated obviously while running her hands down his arms. “And plus, I’m sure your siblings are up and about. Do you really wish for them to see us like this?” Náriel smirked and let out a laugh when Thorin's expression turned to one of confusion then thought. He was clearly thinking over the jibbing which would no doubt come from Dis if she walked in on them.

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