Real Friends

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3rd POV



The school bell rings loudly indicating the end of the lesson. Most of the students slumped on their seats completely exhausted.

Tsuna curiously looks around her not noticing a pair of shadow looming on her figure.

"Sawada-san?" a timid voice said surprising her slightly. She jumped slightly. She turned her head to the side to see a blue-haired boy and a greenette girl.

"A-Ah yes? Can I help you?" She nervously asked them while smiling sheepishly.

"We were wondering if you want to eat lunch with us? Also my name is Nagisa Shiota and this girl here is Kaede Kayano" Nagisa said gesturing to the smiling greenette.

"I'd love to join you. Nice to meet you guys" She smiled at then. Kayano suddenly squealed and grabs Tsuna's hands catching them off guard.

"W-What are you doing Kayano-san?" Tsuna stuttered blushing madly.

"You are so cute, Sawada-chan!! Do you like sweets!?!" Kayano asked excitedly, her brown eyes shining brightly.

"Y-Yes I like sweets. Cakes are m-my favorite" Tsuna answered still stuttering and blushing.

"We will be great friends!" Kayani squealed and hug the life out of her.

"T-Too...tight!" Tsuna desperately gasped for air.

"K-Kayano-chan! Stop hugging her! You're suffocating her!!!" Nagisa shouted and gently ripped her off Tsuna. The latter gasped for air.

"Oops! Sorry Sawada-chan! I didn't mean to suffocate you! You are just too cute!" She sheepishly apologized.

"N-No, It's okay" Tsuna waved off her apology while still gasping for air.

—Outside the building.

After the mini chat, the three went outside the building sitting under a big tree. Tsuna opened her lunch box revealing rice, fried chicken and tempura all set in an elegant manner.

"Wow Sawada-chan! Your lunch looks delicious!" Kayano exclaimed.

"Did you made it yourself, Sawada-san?" Nagisa curiously asked her.

Tsuna smiled sheepishly and shook her head "No I didn't. My friend made it for me" she answered.

"What is his name?" Kayano asked after she finished admiring that lunch box of Tsuna's.

"Hibari Kyoya, that's his name. He used to be a disciplinary chairman in my previous school and he is well respected in my town. He was considered the strongest man in my town."  She smiled as if she was reminiscing a memory.

"Is he nice? What does he looks like? Is he scary? Where did you once live? Is it a great environment? Did you have friends there?" Kayano splashed a waved of qwuestion at her nonstop.

Tsuna chuckled and waved both her arms slightly. "Woah there! Hold your horses Kayano-san! And to answer your questions: Sometimes; Jet-black hair and Blue eyes; He's very scary; I once lived in Nanimori, a small peaceful town; Yes, it is and to the last question...Yes but now I don't have anymore.." she smiled bitterly at the end her eyes has no life in them.

"Sawada-Chan...? " Nagisa looks at her worried so did Kayano. It was strange to see a friendly girl act so lost. It doesn't fit her at all.

Kayano puts her hand on Tsuna's shoulder. "Daijoubu?" She asked her, worried painted all over her face.

Tsuna shook her head again and tried to smiled at them reassurinly. "Y-yeah I'm okay. No need to worry" she said softly.

"You looked sad a second ago. Are you sure you're okay?" Kayano asked again.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just remebered some unwanted memories" Tsuna answered.

"Could you tell us? It's okay if you don't want to.." Nagisa said sitting beside her. Kayano did the same on her other side.

"It's okay. I'll tell you guys. You'll find out sooner or later anyway" Tsuna said smiling at him.

"When I was still in my hometown I was always bullied and called mean names because of my 'uselessness' thus givinge the nickname 'Dame-Tsuna" or in other words 'Useless Tsuna' —" the two gasped.

"How mean of them. They're like the main students here" Kayano furrowed her brows.

"The what?" She gave them a confused stare.

The other two glance at each other before turning back to the brunette.

They shook their head in unison "That's a story for another time. Please continue Sawada-san..." Nahisa said.

"Okay...?" Tsuna said.

"Then one day a strange man arrived at our house declaring to be my tortu-Ahem tutor for free" she said fake coughing at a certain word.

She told them the rest of the stories with a heavy heart. She doesn't know why she's telling her personal issues to some people she just met but she had the feeling that they are good people.

She just hoped that after her story they won't look at her differently.

As she was done telling her stories all she could see now is a crying Kayano and an angry Nagisa.

Tsuna felt herself shiver inwardly once she laid her eyes on the angry bluenet. He was scary that's for sure.

Nagisa's eyes narrowed dangerously and he wore a scary scowl. A rare expression indeed.

Some blood lust rolled of him like waterfall. It must be the result of training.

"What kind of friends are they!? To abandoned a kind adorable girl like you alone!" Kayano shrieked sobbing loudly.

"Idiotic friends that's what they are..." Nagisa flatly answered her.

"Wah!" Kayano hugs Tsuna tightly.

"Kayano-san?! Why are you crying!?" Tsuna hastily wipes Kayano's tears with her handkerchief.

Kayano sniffs and looks at her with teary eyes "D-Don't worry Sawada-chan! We will be your friends! Real friends! We will never leave you nor betray you so don't be sad again, okay?" Kayano exclaimed followed by Nagisa furious nods. His scary aury long gone.

Bipolar much?

Tsuna looks at them shocked before saying "If you want to be my friends could you please...umm..." she trailed off blushing.

Kayano and Nagisa leaned in anticipation.

"Please call me Tsuna from now on? I would really like that as a first step of our friendship" Tsuna smiled shyly at them with a tint of pink on both of her cheeks.

Again, Kayano hugged her tightly and squealed loudly. "Mou Tsuna-chan!! You are too cute! I'll be your best friend if you want, too!!" Kayano giddily said.

Nagisa just patted Tsuna's head softly. He smiled down at her as she stares at him with cute innocent eyes.

"We'll be your friends, Tsuna.." he grinned at her.

Tsuna let her head rest on Kayano's shoulder as the green-haired girl continues hugging her.

Tsuna smiled a blissful smile.


—To be continued.

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