Part 9 Boynapped

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My head still burns.

I jerk up on my bed and stretches a little. When I open my eyes, Collix is leaning next to me. His eyes are closed and sleeping safe and sound.

I lay him on the bed and throw some pillow on his sides. 

Whisker-the-cat just came from the bathroom when I am about to get my slippers on the wooden and webbed closet. I pet his nek and he liks me back as a reply. 

Minutes later, when I finish up cleaning my hair, I stuck it in a simple bun and brushes my teeth grogily.

Collix slowly touches his hair and sits. He examines his bloodshot eyes in the mirror before facing me, "Where were you?"

"I...I..." A flashback really happen this time. i remember everything. Kruxian's warm hands covering my hips, my first ever Memory serum, and everything that the Defiane should've erased in my mind. I tried to speak, but nothing else seems to be unclear. The serum did not affect my memory. "I... I am lost in the Plaza square."  It's a stupid explanation, but I just stare at him and wait for his reaction.

"You won't get lost in the Plaza Carolynn Freesoul. It's just as small as a basketball court." I felt the guilt of lying. I nam sure Collix feel it too. Before I could even deny, collix move closer to me and stick his finger to my lips. "I miss you so much" He brushes a strand of hair in my forehead and kisses me on the cheek. "Me too... I am so scared i won't find my way bak to you." Before I could finish he shut me by kissing me directly on the lips. It is a slow and careful kiss.

We stayed kissing until I rip off his shirt and pushes his head to my neck. He whispers to my ears and continues to massage my back. "Do you know what else I liked about you?" He carried  me all the way to the sofa, opens the upper button of my dress that shows less than what I wanted. I shrug, "What is it?" I touch his well figured biceps and gone all the way to his abs. "You make me worry more than anything else..." He kisses me again for one last time on the hand and told me that he will just wait at the backdoor to bring to school.

When I stroll out of the house, I am expecting Collix to be just otside the door but I can't find him. Then I freeze when a sword or an ax or between stiks at the bak of my head. The huge, broad man hold the weapon out of my head when I turn to look at him. I step bak a little, he gags Collix on his other hand. His features are harsh and morphed. A Hellion demon in disguise. "Bye bye my lost fella, I need your boyfriend right now. You can't deny the future that beholds you now with the half-angels." He grins at me and disappears with Collix. I fell to my knees and tears came falling from my eyes. There is only one person to blame. It's me. I made a way to involve him in my fate. I shouldn't have returned. I over my face with my both hands now trembling and shaky. then i feel someone tap me on the back.

"Your power must be very strong to resist the serum. It will just get worse if you would just turn your bak again. The demons are now coming out of their hole, they plan to invade again. In just a glimpse, they will come back to you and take another life. They know you. They want something from you that we don't know. Demons will never stop."  

Kruxian gave me a hand, and I glare at him seriously."Bring me to Block 9. Train me. I will get my boyfriend back."

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