"You have four classes with Luke and Ashton. Good luck!" He smiled and sent him off to his first class.

Luke, already in his first period class looked over to see Ashton and smiled, sitting down next to him. "Hey Ash, what's up?"

"We met someone new today, and he's so adorable. He's a recent transfer named Michael." He said suggestively raising his eyebrow. 

Luke rolled his eyes and laughed. "Stop you dork, nothing is going to happen. I don't think anything of it, besides, if it happens, which it won't, it happens. And besides, I'm straight and like girls." Luke said and the teacher waltzed into the classroom. 

"Hello class, we have a new student! His name is Michael, please treat him with the most utmost respect!" She said, but Luke had already fallen asleep, not listening to Ashton trying to wake him up so he can meet Michael.

Michael saw Ashton and was nervous already at the twenty pairs of eyes boring them into him. He sat down beside Ashton and looked over nervously. Ashton smiled and pointed over to a blonde boy with his head on the table. 

"That's Luke. He's sleeping right now so he probably won't be much nicer when he wakes up. But he's in a bit of pain right now, his soulmate is going through a bit of a tough time, so he's affected a bit more by it too. I'll show you a picture of him, hold on." 

Michael nodded and turned to face Ashton. He saw him look through his phone, looking very similar to the one Michael has except Ashton's phone is a bit smaller. Ashton made an 'aha!' noise and showed him what Luke looked like.

Michael made an inhuman noise and saw exactly what the blonde looked like and bit his lip. He looked at his sharp jawline, and blue eyes that looked like oceans, down to his smile and beautiful lips. He was tall and had his hair in a quiff and in that moment, Michael had never seen anyone more perfect. He looked over to see the sleeping boy had turned over to face Michael but was still sleeping. He looked so small sleeping. 

He looked away and nodded over at Ashton and smiled, then got out his notebook and took down the notes that were necessary for that class. The bell rang not long after, and Michael got up and asked Ash where the class was so he brought Michael to the class so Michael wouldn't have to panic like he did when the first bell rang. Michael smiled thankfully at Ashton and looked over to his class and hoped Ashton had the same class but Ashton continued walking. 

Michael sat in the nearest seat in the back and looked to see someone coming up to him. "Hey fag, what do you think you're doing in my seat?" Michael's smile faltered a bit and he sighed.

"N-nothing, I'll go." He said sadly and moved to a seat all the way in the back but on the other side of the room. 

He sat down and put his head down a bit and sighed. He knew it'd be happening soon. He soon was introduced and the whole class laughed at him. Soon the door opened and he saw Luke rush in, apologizing for his lateness and that it won't happen again. He went over and sat down next to Michael and peered over at the person who looked like a girl, so he assumed that Michael was a girl. He looked over at the cute maroon skirt and black off shoulder shirt. He didn't look farther up to imagine the person staring back at him so he looked away and started reading the book he was assigned. 

Michael didn't realize class was passing by except when he woke up a few minutes before the bell rang and wrote down what he could. He sighed and went to the next few classes, them passing as a blur, and was nervous to meet Luke but it was around almost lunch time so what could Michael do? Either sit alone in the detention room if there was one, like he used to before he'd get his daily beating, or sit with his new friends and meet Luke. What if Luke didn't like him? He was more nervous than ever, but went to get his lunch anyway and waited in line, put his new lunch number in and took the food. He started looking for Ash or Cal, then found them sitting down and sharing Eskimo kisses. Michael cooed and smiled at that, wanting that and more when he finds his soulmate. He went over to their table and sat down. 

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